Truck Tales

Sergeant Steel

Austrian import SERGEANT STEEL is a six-piece neo-Classic Rock band, originally formed in 2007. They […]
By Mike McMahan
January 21, 2021
Sergeant Steel - Truck Tales album cover

Austrian import SERGEANT STEEL is a six-piece neo-Classic Rock band, originally formed in 2007. They have produced three albums to date; 2010's "Lovers & Maniacs", 2013's "Men On A Mission" and 2015's "Riders Of The Worm", as well as producing the official anthem of the EHC Black Wings Linz, and Austrian first division hockey team.

They have also, throughout the years, worked with some exceptional (and legendary) talent, including producer/engineer Michael Wagener, Mark Slaughter (SLAUGHTER), Kane Roberts (ALICE COOPER) and Peter Mew of Abbey Road Studios. They have toured in support of such Hard Rock and Metal greats as DEEP PURPLE, HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES, THE DARKNESS, SCORPIONS and EUROPE, honing their craft and paying their dues. January 22, 2021 will see the release of their fourth album, "Truck Tales", on both CD and digital streaming formats. This album was fine-tuned by Wagener in Nashville, TN.

The album opens on a definite high note, with the anthemic "Fight Fire With Fire". From the Eastern themed intro to the last chorus, this song is a fantastic example of a group of musicians who are doing things right. The cut was released as a preliminary single in the Fall of 2020, to positive feedback from all sources. Vanderkill's vocal delivery is obviously influenced by the great Freddie Mercury in his inflection, and musically the band fires on all cylinders. Principal songwriter and lyricist, Jack Power, has done his homework in the genre, as the song is tightly crafted from the ground up.

"Backseat Lover" follows, with a funk inspired intro that brought early EXTREME to mind. The intro gives way into a fantastically swaggering vocal, and more tightly crafted songwriting ability, on display. The guitar solo on this cut was of particular interest to me. There wasn't a wasted note I could find. Everyone in the band functions as a cohesive unit on this record, with the keyboards and rhythm section as solid as anyone out there.

Highlights abound, here. "Voodoo Queen", another stellar track, has an incredible groove to it; as does the rocker "Body Language", which follows. "Pain In My Ass" shows another side of the band, as it gives way to some acoustic work and a nicely placed humorous slant on things. SERGEANT STEEL should be ready for a breakout release. By all evidence I have been presented, they are past due.

10 / 10









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"Truck Tales" Track-listing:

1.Fight Fire With Fire
2.Backseat Lover
3.Dance Into The Light
5.Voodoo Queen
6.Body Language
7.Pain In My Ass
9.The Time Will Come

Sergeant Steel Lineup:

Phil Vanderkill - Vocals
Jack Power - Guitars, Vocals
Chuck Boom - Guitars, Vocals
Ben Bateman - Keyboards
Ronny Roxx - Bass
Cosy Coxx - Drums

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