Amorphous Mass


SEPOLCRO are an Italian death metal band originally formed back in 2011 and after some […]
By Ross Donald
June 1, 2019
Sepolcro - Amorphous Mass album cover

SEPOLCRO are an Italian death metal band originally formed back in 2011 and after some lineup changes, changes from musical influences and a few demo releases, they have now released their very first EP in the form of "Amorphous Mass" so that we can now know what to expect from the band in future. First off, it should be noted that this album is very much influenced by the works of legendary horror author H P Lovecraft which is a fact that had me hooked immediately as I am all for being absorbed by the tales of cosmic horror and we get that in spades here.

The album starts off with the track "The Malevolent Mist" which begins with a haunting tolling bell, almost warning us of the madness to come. The song then blasts us into the realm of absolute chaos as we rip into a story torn right out of the Necromonicon as lead singer Hannes growls like a real life Lovecraftian monstrosity to tell us of a fog that hides a nightmare that would drive mortal men to insanity. Already I'm impressed. This continues with "Sulphurous Eruption From the Depths" which is the longest track on the EP and one of the best on offer. The song refers to a kind of volcanic eruption from the depths of the earth, killing and destroying everything in its path while also awakening terrible, ancient creatures. It's a great track and the last couple of minutes that are all instrumental were particularly great as it shows off how well the band works as a unit.

"Unnamed Dimension" keeps the fun going with another fast track with a memorable chorus that should do well when played live, as we then hit "An Ancient Summoning" which is a very different kind of track. It acts as more an intro to the final track on the album and is very atmospheric with almost no music and what sounds like a dark god talking to the listener in an ancient language. This one's sure to leave an impression. That leads us into our final track "Amorphous Mass" which does stand out from the previous songs as it does have a bit of a bit of a slower pace which I think adds to the overall atmosphere more than any of the previous tracks and even sounds a bit doom metal in places. I'd say this has been my favourite track of the entire EP and the fact that the song is about an ungodly entity searching for sanity makes it even better.

I did have a lot of fun with this EP due to its themes and overall sounds, and while the first three tracks could sound a bit too similar at times, there was still a lot here to enjoy, especially with the last two tracks. I'm looking forward to hearing what the band has lined up in future.

8 / 10









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"Amorphous Mass" Track-listing:

1. The Malevolent Mist
2. Sulphurous Eruption from the Depths
3. Unnamed Dimension
4. An Ancient Summoning
5. Amorphous Mass

Sepolcro Lineup:

Hannes - Drums, Vocals
Simone - Guitar, Vocals
Nor - Bass

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