The Cold White Light


The Cold White Light is Sentenced's seventh studio album, and arrives neatly two years after […]
By David Kaluza
May 4, 2002
Sentenced - The Cold White Light album cover

The Cold White Light is Sentenced's seventh studio album, and arrives neatly two years after their last (excellent) release Crimson.
The band has always (or at least in my opinion) managed to stay fresh and exciting by continuously progressing and adding elements to their music, and this is no different on this album. Of course The Cold White Light is a logic follow-up to Crimson, but there are a couple of notable changes.
First off it seems that the guitars are considerably heavier than on their previous release, reminding me a lot of Frozen, while the melodies and solo's tend to remind me of Amok and certainly are amongst the best so far. Also, while the band seems to have matured a lot lyrically, the tongue-in-cheek humor that was missing on Down seems to be back as well (just look at a title like Excuse Me While I Kill Myself and you know what I mean). Not changed however are the melancholic feeling which haunts all of the songs and just manages to send shivers down my spine each time I listen to them.
It's hard to really name favourite tracks on the the album, since after several listens there's at least something in each song which I like, be it a vocal melody or a guitar solo, but at the moment my personal preferences go to Guilt and Regret, The Luxury Of A Grave, Blood & Tears and aforementioned Excuse Me While I Kill Myself, but again, I repeat, there isn't a single weak track on here and the album is really well balanced.
So overal what we have here is another strong release from Sentenced, and while it might not be my favourite (sorry, but that title still goes to Amok) it is certainly going to be listened to a lot in the coming months.

8 / 10


"The Cold White Light" Track-listing:

Konevitsan Kirkonkellot
Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
Blood & Tears
You Are The One
Aika Multaa Muistot [Everything Is Nothing]
Excuse Me While I Kill Myself
Brief Is The Light
Guilt And Regret
The Luxury Of a Grave
No One There

Sentenced Lineup:

Ville Laihiala - Vocals
Miika Tenkula - Guitar
Sami Lopakka - Guitar
Vesa Ranta - Drums
Sami Kukkohovi - Bass

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