Hymns to the Gore


One-man Death/Doom project SEEP is set to unleash its full-length debut, "Hymns to the Gore," […]
Seep - Hymns to the Gore album cover

One-man Death/Doom project SEEP is set to unleash its full-length debut, "Hymns to the Gore," on Extremely Rotten Productions. Hailing from the rural countryside of Maine, SEEP mastermind Vomitus set out to expand upon his 2020 demo by adding elements of Goregrind and Brutal Death to an already violent Doom/Death foundation. The end result is eight depraved offerings of unfettered, old-school brutality.

"Morbidly Obese" opens the album. Thick bass notes open the song, followed by guttural vocals and elementary riffs. The production is pretty bad...perhaps that was what they were going for...an old school sound. The problem is that this sound has been done ad nauseum. "Jigsaw Facefuck" is the first single. Although the title of the sound is somewhat comical, it exposes the band for their poor musicianship. The tone of the snare drum is awful, and the vocals aren't much better.

"Addicted to Rancidity" opens with some effects in the guitars, but from there, the BLACK SABBATH sounding riff doesn't do much for me. From there, the structure loosens, and chaos ensues. "Horrific Fetal Mutation" is another trite title and more of the same sound again. Sure, the sound is somewhat scary, but the lack of dynamism is pronounced. The bass guitar swings low, and almost off the page. "Gorging on the Gutpile" is the first song that features a little variation in the beginning...in the form of piano notes and spoken words. They talk of a killing spree where the perpetrator eats his victims.

"Pedophile Genitalia Removal" features a sentiment that I can get behind, but the music is just awful. The slow grind seems to last forever...a feature that is not welcomed on an album of uncreative music. "Encased in Shit" begins with evil spoken words, but the pig squeals are old and elementary. I am finding it increasingly difficult to champion much of anything on this album. "Swimming in Sewage" begins with a little electronica. Not bad so far. The notes sound like the footsteps of Doom coming your way. From there, a brutal sound ensues. The album was near worthless overall, and I can find very little to talk about positively, save for some punishing elements. Run away, please.Purchase Link:


3 / 10









"Hymns to the Gore" Track-listing:

1. Morbidly Obese
2. Jigsaw Facefuck
3. Addicted to Rancidity
4. Horrific Fetal Mutation
5. Gorging on the Gutpile
6. Pedophile Genitalia Removal
7. Encased in Shit
8. Swimming in Sewage

Seep Lineup:

Vomitus - Everything

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