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I am trying to figure this out, however, I feel stuck, unable to gather or […]
December 20, 2013
Seeker - Unloved album cover

I am trying to figure this out, however, I feel stuck, unable to gather or comprehend the supposed enthusiasm that should have poured from my nostrils after these listening sessions. Eventually that assumed gusto simply lost its track after I experience the Texan SEEKER's new album, "Unloved", via Victory Records. Before I continue further, I will admit that fact that I am not your Modern Metal fanatic, on the other hand, I wished to approach this kind of music with an open my and experience it force, because it is a pack load of potency and sheer ferocity, I will grant that to these boys. Entangling through the Metalcore / Deathcore / Noise that has been spreading in acres throughout North America and Western Europe, kind of like THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, WHITECHAPEL and the Mathcore gods of MESHUGGAH, one thing is positively certain that whoever is heeding to this foursome crew will get a hefty kick in the teeth.

However, though hailing in full headbanging force, wreaking havoc as they go, I couldn't really muster what was that all about? Where is that creativity and the eager commitment to quality that was preached in the promotional dossier. As a fan of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and also JOB FOR A COWBOY, it was a bit grim for me to actually find that much of a positive pattern throughout the release, as the major parts of this release poured Noise induced Metal, on the verge of modern Death, that sometimes sounded senselessly chaotic, and believe me not in that of a good way. No doubt that there were a few riffs that caught my concentration, a tad of decent sophistication, as I am certain of the fact that there is talent within the ranks, but it was hard to accumulate the magnitude of the band's song antics, especially with their displayed drone nature. At least "When Hope Fails", "She" and "There is Nothing" achieved the notion that there might some great aspects, in particular the songs' shadowy atmosphere characteristics that confirmed that overall Noise as an industrious manner other than an annoyance without a purpose.

Far from being amazed, wishing for such creations that I can actually identify as songs other than a string of riffery that most of the time had me sitting there waiting for the show to be over. SEEKER is quite an energetic band I'd give them that, yet being bouncing, slamming and peppy isn't everything. The band's music is tough and hard but still not artistic as they should sound.

5 / 10


"Unloved" Track-listing:

1. Alone
2. Pale Death
3. Unloved
4. Regret
5. Dominance
6. She
7. When Hope Fails
8. Salvation
9. There is Nothing
10. Escape

Seeker Lineup:

Bryce Lucien - Vocals
Chris Keasler - Bass
Justin Edgerton - Guitar
Dustin Weaver - Drums

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