The Man Behind the Sun


SEDNA is a Black Metal project which started during 2009 in Cesena, Italy.  it has […]
By Louise Brown
October 3, 2019
Sedna - The Man Behind the Sun album cover

SEDNA is a Black Metal project which started during 2009 in Cesena, Italy.  it has gone through some line-up changes since its inception, yet has managed to release a few full-length albums along with a couple of singles. "The Man Behind The Sun," is the latest work from the band, and was released about a month ago.

The album is actually one continuous track which lasts just over 33 minutes. If you have difficulty with albums of this nature (I usually do) don't be too discouraged. There are some slight breaks within the track which make is little easier to keep track of where you are within the composition. While I'm still not a fan of this album format, in this case I discovered that I could live with it.

"The Man Behind The Sun" starts out with a slow, ominous-sounding guitar riffs, which create a dark, mournful atmosphere right away. It's lovely within its starkness, gaining power with the addition of percussion. The rhythm during this part of the track is really nice, too, making it even better to listen to. About two minutes into the song the vocals commence with shrieks and growls which blend with the intense backing music almost perfectly. So far I'm enjoying the track, even though it has slowed considerably ever since  the 4-minute mark. The bass becomes dominant for a moment or two, creating tension along with dark energy. Once the guitars join in, the personality of the song changes, becoming moodier and even darker. The vocals have an air of desperation which demands your attention. You can feel the pain and desperation that is being conveyed. The backing music is excellent; melodic and quite dark. After seven minutes, I'm still interested in what I'm listening to.

The song's tone changes again after nine minutes have gone by. The music becomes very solemn in nature even as it increases in overall power. So far the transitions within the track have been seamless, making it much easier to focus on the track's progression. Another impressive vocal performance reminds me of a disembodied spirit that is trapped in a forbidding place with no hope of rescue or escape. The overall sound leaves you haunted as well as a little disturbed, too. You find yourself wondering what sort of anguish could create so much pain. The speed increases considerably, adding more energy to the track. The vocals have rage within them while continuing to retain a certain degree of despair, too. The guitar riffs and hooks are outstanding, giving the music a tragically beautiful sound which can be almost hypnotic at times. I'm shocked to see that the track has already reached its halfway point at around 16 minutes. I'm still not bored with the song, which is really encouraging.

The music takes on a starker sound once the 17-minute mark has been reached. It moves at a slower pace with a more subdued nature. It lulls you while it plays, though it is obvious things will change again at some point.  A bass solo at the 20 minute-mark indicates when the change is about to take pace. A moment later the track explodes with much more speed, volume and fury. Even the vocals reflect those changes, with rage being the most evident. There's a sense of impending madness as you listen, making you wonder just where the track will end up at. The track continues along at that pace to the 26 minute mark, making you wonder if there are any other changes to expect along  the way.

"The Man Behind The Sun" is different and not for everyone It's long, complicated and fairly complex. If you want a way to challenge yourself you should check it out.  33 minutes isn't that much time at all. However, when you're listening to a single song of that length, 33 minutes can feel like an eternity. In this case the song moves along quickly and is over with long before you're ready. I don't normally like single-song albums, but I like this one. I would definitely recommend it to other Black Metal fans.

8 / 10









"The Man Behind the Sun" Track-listing:

1. The Man Behind The Sun

Sedna Lineup:

Alex Crisafulli - Guitar/voice
Fabion Dautaj - Guitar
Manuel Zanotti - Bass/Voice
Luca Tebaldi - Drums

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