Blackened Heartbeat

Secret Sphere

With “Blackened Heartbeat,” SECRET SPHERE presents themselves as they aspire to be musically today. This […]
February 14, 2024

With “Blackened Heartbeat,” SECRET SPHERE presents themselves as they aspire to be musically today. This latest offering showcases their power metal roots, with a majority of songs featuring up tempo rhythms. Despite their evolution since their early career, the band has cultivated a distinctive identity characterized by heavy guitar riffs, orchestral elements, and their unique approach to composing vocal melodies. The album has 11 songs.

 “The Crossing Toll” is a short introductory song that leads to “J’s Serenade.” It has a heavy and strong backbone with that familiar Power Metal jaunt from the drums and the vocals, but there are also some nice backing elements, mainly symphonic. “Aura” has a darker sound with another blistering pace that swells with horns, strings, and other orchestral elements. The darkness continues in “Bloody Wednesday,” but the difference between this song and others so far is the use of harsh vocals. They are used sparingly, but surprisingly considering the genre. I need to hear more however before making up my mind. They seem a little out of place on the album, but fit with the song in this case.

 “Dr. Julius B” is yet another fierce and partly dark sound where the energy displayed by the band doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. The band has talent, that is for sure, but sporadically, the vocals don’t connect as well with the music as they could. “Confession” has more ominous tones out of the gates from the symphonic elements, and although the main riff is a bit trite, the energy is infectious. “Anna” is perhaps the obligatory “power ballad” on the album, but it’s genuine and sweet, and I like singer Roberto’s versatility showed on the album. “Psycho Kid” roars the album back to life with a weighted heaviness and a full, rich sound. The lead guitar work in this song is fantastic as well.

 The title track closes the album. It has plenty of pig squeals in the beginning and a sturdy, weighted sound. That darkness is also still present in the song, but the vocal harmonies wash them away. Overall, the band is talented, and no one can deny that. They need a little work on their songwriting, because some of the sound was a bit disconnected at times. The vocal harmonies are on point however, as were the rich symphonic elements. This is an album that a lot of Metalheads will enjoy for sure.

8 / 10









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"Blackened Heartbeat" Track-listing:

1. The Crossing Toll

2. J.'s Serenade

3. Aura

4. Bloody Wednesday

5. Captive

6. Dr. Julius B

7. Confession

8. One Day I Will

9. Anna

10. Psycho Kid

11. Blackened Heartbeat


Secret Sphere Lineup:

Roberto Ramon Messina – Vocals

Aldo Lonobile – Guitars

Andrea Buratto – Bass

Gabriele Ciaccia – Keys and Piano

Marco Lazzarini – Drums


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