Element 115

Secret Saucer

Element 115 must be the album with the worst artwork to ever fall into my […]
By Michael Dalakos
January 20, 2006
Secret Saucer - Element 115 album cover

Element 115 must be the album with the worst artwork to ever fall into my hands. I think the phrase ugly as a f*ck cannot fully describe the repulsive feeling created by the crappy artwork. Well, I guess you can't have it all, since the music was on a 100% contrast with the artwork.
Secret Saucer, if I've managed to understand things right, is a project focused on modern Rock / groovy / space Rock / instrumental music. I saw lots of people being involved in the compositions and most of them had quite an impressive background as musicians. Honestly, as I have mentioned before, I am not a sucker for instrumental albums.
However I have to say that Element 115 really kicked in from the first song (well, ok, the second one since the first one is an intro). What I liked the most is that this is not a oh look how fast & complicated I can play kind of instrumental album. On the contrary, it is quite down to Earth modest Rock that could easily wear vocal lines upon it (well, in most of the songs, not all of them).
Without being easy listening, I can't say that I got tired at any certain point in the album. The songs have a very natural flow and in general there is a constant chill out flow throughout the album. All in all this is an interesting piece of work that fans of instrumental music should check out.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Element 115" Track-listing:

Star Rise
Sword Of Conneaut
Solar Winds
Atom Smasher
The Traveler
Desert Of Existence
Astral Progeny
Looking Skyward
Beyond Time

Secret Saucer Lineup:

Steve Taylor - Lead Guitar
Thom Marianetti - Drums
Billy Spear - Bass
Paul Williams - Drums
Jay Swanson - Piano & Synths
Dan Schnell - Bass
Greg Kozlowski - Guitar
Dave Hess - Synths

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