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Secret Chapter

SECRET CHAPTER are a Heavy Metal band from Telemark, Norway. Since their formation in 2017 […]
By Jo M. Dykes
October 12, 2019
Secret Chapter - Chapter One album cover

SECRET CHAPTER are a Heavy Metal band from Telemark, Norway. Since their formation in 2017 and throughout 2018 - they have spent a lot of time writing, recording and producing their music, and on October 18th, 2019, SECRET CHAPTER will release their debut album "Chapter One" via Crime Records. Although there are 10 tracks on the album, the CD version will contain two bonus tracks, "Heavy Metal Love Affair (Radio Edit)" and "Everyone's A Star". The album was recorded under Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND) at Sonic Temple Train Studios.

So far, two early singles out "Chapter One" have been released: "Baptised In Ecstasy" and "Blaze". These singles give you a small taste of the band's sound. The majority of the band members have had previous musical experience with other bands and interests before coming together to form SECRET CHAPTER - so you may be familiar with some names, despite the band itself being new to the scene. With the band's debut album comes a fresh new listening experience! They bring the lyrics to life with a variety of singing styles from quietly sung lyrics with easy paced music, to screaming vocals and fast paced guitars and drums.

Songs to listen out for upon the album release, are: "Human Centipede", which is quite a fast-played song, that's great for swinging your head to. The track's instrumental is something special. In addition to the former, the track "One Night Ain't Enough" is a memorable song; a slightly slower paced song than "The Human Centipede", but definitely a song to be played at a loud volume. Quite a romantic track, as the name of the song suggests. "Heavy Metal Love Affair" is a fine track to listen out for at 5 minutes 33 seconds on the original version, and also one of the bonus tracks with a radio edit on the CD version of the album which plays at 3 minutes 31 seconds long. A true tug-on-the-heart-strings song.

In my opinion, SECRET CHAPTER hold a bright future ahead of them. The songs on "Chapter One" are well written and performed. I would recommend the album quite highly. They are a good combination of artists, who have merged together to create something new, fresh and exciting. I'd class them as a Heavy Metal band with a good sound to them on the right track heading forward. Hopefully we will hear a lot more from them in the future.

8 / 10









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"Chapter One" Track-listing:

1. Baptized In Ecstasy
2. Show Me The Road
3. Human Centipede
4. One Night Ain't Enough
5. Heavy Metal Love Affair
6. The Great Escape
7. Sin City
8. Introspection
9. Enemy Inside
10. Blaze
11. Heavy Metal Love Affair (Radio Edit)
12. Everyone's Star (Bonus Track)

Secret Chapter Lineup:

Ole Aleksander Wagenius - Vocals
Jon Aarseth - Guitars
Stian Stensrud - Bass
Ronny Rocken Arntzen - Drums
Magnus Johansen - Keyboards

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