Child Within the Man

Sebastian Bach

I make no secret of the fact that I love Sebastian Bach and he is one of my all-time favorite hard rock/heavy metal vocalists. The music he created with SKID ROW is monumental and remains three of the best albums in metal history. Well, the man is back after a ten-year absence with his latest release “Child within the Man”. I’ll be reviewing the album and also his concert from a few nights ago, so you’ll be getting a bonus twofer.
June 11, 2024

When I think of who I would put on my own personal version of the Mount Rushmore of hard rock/heavy metal singers, SEBASTIAN BACH is always in the discussion. When Sebastian left or was asked to leave one of my all-time favorite bands SKID ROW after only three insanely magnificent albums ("Skid Row", "Slave to the Grind" & "Subhuman Race") that put him on a new career path as a solo artist. Yes, he survived, with his solo projects, dappling in TV and movies, a reality show, staring in several successful Broadway productions and telling “his side” of the story in his autobiographical book “18 and Life on Skid Row”. After a ten year wait for his fifth solo project that is appropriately titled “Child Within the Man” released on May 10, 2024 we wait to see if his voice and swagger can still deliver with the persona of years past. Sebastian recruited some heavy hitters to help out on guitar with John 5, Steve Stevens, and Orianthi. I will be attending Sebastian’s “What Do I Got To Lose Tour” concert on Saturday June, 8th at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL., so I will try and incorporate some insights from this show mixed in with my review and despite the fact that I’ve heard he has recently belittled fans wearing his former band’s apparel, I will be in the front row wearing my SKID ROW tee-shirt from the “Slave to the Grind” tour, so I’ll either be finishing this review from my house or a hospital room, stay tuned dear readers.

Well good news, I’m at home not the hospital and my tee shirt caused no issues, the other good news is that Sebastian still can deliver a total rocking experience. His voice and stage presence remained top notch as he proved why he belongs on my Mount Rushmore. Sebastian played seventeen songs to the enthusiastic and sold-out show giving us what we came for with a setlist consisting of twelve SKID ROW classics while adding only four from the current album (that I will be getting to shortly) and tossing in “Tom Sawyer” by RUSHSEBASTIAN BACH is no stranger to controversy but last night he was congenial, relaxed and in total control, he was joking around with the crowd, even sang the theme song to WKRP in Cincinnati and called his ex-band mates his “buddies”, and this last side note, his son Paris is the drummer. Okay, on to the review, and if you haven’t already figured it out, I am a huge fan of SEBASTIAN BACH so I plan on loving “Child Within the Man”. Opening with “Everybody Bleeds”, it is a sinfully full-throttle thrill ride that immediately proves legends never die and the cream always rises to the top. John 5 provides the launching pad into hyper-space with his swaggering guitar prowess on “Freedom” that just is a rip-snorting rocker. “(Hold on) to the Dream” is about as heavy of a power ballad that I’ve ever heard and will definitely bring us back to the golden 80’s of crotch rock. “Future of Youth” with the incredibly talented shredder Orianthi blasting away with a down and dirty slamming riff and mind-bending solo that complement the soaring vocals like a good wine and aged cheese. The album ends with “About to Prevail” and “To Live Again”. They both showcase the incredible vocal range of SEBASTIAN BACH  that help cement his place on my Mount Rushmore.

10 / 10









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"Child Within the Man" Track-listing:


1. Everybody Bleeds

2. Freedom

3. (Hold on) to the Dream

4. What Do I Got to Lose

5. Hard Darkness

6. Future of Youth

7. Vendetta

8. F.U.

9. Crucify Me

10. About to Prevail

11. To Live Again


Sebastian Bach Lineup:


Sebastain Bach - vocals

Todd Kerns – bass

John 5 – guitar on Freedom

Orianthi – guitar on Future of Youth

Steve Stevens – guitar on F.U.


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