Season Of Arrows

Season Of Arrows

Certain styles of music possess their own distinct qualities that make them attractive to listeners. […]
By Matt Coe
May 1, 2014
Season Of Arrows - Season Of Arrows album cover

Certain styles of music possess their own distinct qualities that make them attractive to listeners. When it comes to the art of Stoner Rock / Metal, the combination of rawness, heaviness, and correct channeling of emotion into something magical and cohesive, songwriting-wise, is what separates the elite from the wannabes. Hailing from the country capital of the world Nashville, Tennessee, SEASON OF ARROWS on paper look like a brand new act- starting in January 2014 and releasing this debut album very quickly, but upon further investigation you learn that three of the five members were in another band together called FALL WITH ME for years.

All of this doesn't mean squat if the new self-titled debut album can't hold listeners' attention- and fortunately for you, this is an awesome blend of 70's style Doom, Stoner Rock, and a touch of the late 60's / early 70's Psychedelic vibe that should mesmerize those who love a crushing guitar sound, natural bass and drum tones, and one of the best females singing in the genre today. BLACK SABBATH, the MELVINS, THE SWORD, and JEFFERSON AIRPLANE are the four biggest reference points that come up taking in stellar swinging cuts like "Columns", opener "Submersible", and the low fuzz box bass that leads sludge heavy "Bad Weather".

SEASON OF ARROWS stand out for their female vocalist Stormie Wakefield. Fortunately for her, the musicians that join her on this sonic odyssey know how to put the emphasis in all the right places for her stellar, high octane voice. If you ever want to imagine the best Grace Slick days of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE, any of the nine songs will take you back to those glory years - but I feel her performances on the morose "The Loved One" and semi-up tempo swinging "Ox Blood" will be the ones keeping the hair standing on edge for me every time I take these tracks in.

I expect lots of complimentary words thrown this band's way in the coming months and years. SEASON OF ARROWS has intensity, character, and killer chops to boot. Rock on!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Season Of Arrows" Track-listing:

1. Submersible
2. The Loved One
3. Soul of the City
4. Ox Blood
5. Columns
6. Sleepwalkers
7. Trace Elements
8. Bad Weather
9. Rival

Season Of Arrows Lineup:

Stormie Wakefield - Vocals
Brandon Shepard - Guitar
David Gates - Guitar
Shawn Van Dusen - Bass, Backing Vocals
Brad Lawson - Drums

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