Searing I

The Swedish Metal scene was and always will be one of the most multi-dimensional, all […]
By Katerina Kladisiou
November 23, 2005
Searing I - Bloodshred album cover

The Swedish Metal scene was and always will be one of the most multi-dimensional, all over the world. The possibilities for a Scandinavian band coming from this country to fail in what they are doing are very few. Searing I create music following the path that The Haunted once led and they're doing it right!
Searing I was formed in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1999 from the ashes of a Death Metal band called The Prophecy. A new drummer was recruited and a singer was found in the face of Andrea Hasse Hansson. In 2001 Andreas Bjork was added to the lineup as the lead/rhythm guitar player. They recorded two Demos in 2002 and in 2003 and after that Hasse left the band and was replaced by Andreas Oman. After some months of rehearsing and doing a couple of gigs, they recorded their 3rd four-track Demo A Treacherous Ride. In 2004 the Tons Of Hate Demo was recorded. This Demo gave them the opportunity to sign a record deal with Black Lotus Records for three full length albums.
Bloodshred is a very good piece of work even if this is their debut album. Raw Death/Thrash Metal combining the well-known up-tempo rhythms that characterize the genre and the new sound that Bluflame Productions studio, in Uppsala has managed to create. Andreas Oman's aggressive Death Metal vocals are combined in the best way with the up-tempo guitar riffs and the pounding drums played by Andreas Engman. As I already said, Searing I is considered to belong to the same category with bands like The Haunted, Grip Inc  and Hatebreed, so this record is a must-have for the fans of the aforementioned bands. They are as good as their predecessors without copying them. The riffs are quite original, the vocals are pretty unique and the whole atmosphere they create is aggressive and full of rage.
This is a very good release and in my opinion people should count on new bands instead of sticking only to the old and - without doubt - top bands. Give Searing I a chance and you will remember my words.

8 / 10


"Bloodshred" Track-listing:

Empty Threats
Tons Of Hate
The Gift/Curse
A Treacherous Ride
Head First
Born Dying
The Man I've Known As Me
Burn Alive
I Won't Forgive
Vision Within
Life Surreal
True Identity
I Please My Hunger

Searing I Lineup:

Marcus Olofsson - Guitar
Mattias Hansson - Bass
Andreas Engman - Drums
Andreas Oman - Vocals
Anders Bjork - Guitar

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