Nitro Jesus


American/German hybrid band SEAMOUNT bring us "Nitro Jesus", a rock album with a deeply ingrained […]
By Moshcat
December 15, 2015
Seamount - Nitro Jesus album cover

American/German hybrid band SEAMOUNT bring us "Nitro Jesus", a rock album with a deeply ingrained doom/folk twist. I know, doom/folk. Some might go as far as saying there is a 70s prog tint.

I'm finding so often that I can love an album, but become tired by the vocals. This album initially struck me like that, but by the time track 5 rolled around, "Hold Up The Sun", I had come to terms with this album vocally. There are definitive nods to the big dudes, Bowie, Jagger, Jones and the all important vocal variation is indeed there.

This album showcases a subtle groove, solid beats and cleverly understated and capable guitars. Perhaps that is one of the more difficult facets of compiling an album; treading lightly. SEAMOUNT has done this well. "Nitro Jesus" has grown on me, it is most certainly an album to listen to a few times before drawing judgement.

Plucking through the songs, I am impressed by the magical use of negative space. It's a skillful manipulation, pulling off a lack of jam packed instrumental cacophony. Mania and chaos are utilised in a purposeful, controlled and measured manner, and do you know what? It's ever so endearing.

5 / 10


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"Nitro Jesus" Track-listing:

1. Bestial Rising
2. Can't Escape The Pain
3. Nitro Jesus
4. Scars Of The Emotional Stuntman
5. Hold Up The Sun
6. Bulletproof
7. Beautiful Sadness
8. In The End
9. No One Knows

Seamount Lineup:

Philip Swanson
Tim Schmidt
Markus Ströhlein
Jens Hofmann

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