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SEA SLEEPER is a band from Portland, Oregon and they've had a few changes in […]
By Caio Botrel
March 10, 2021
Sea Sleeper - Nostophobia album cover

SEA SLEEPER is a band from Portland, Oregon and they've had a few changes in their name throughout the years. They have two releases under the current name, being "Nihilism" (2019) their first single and now, "Nostophobia" (2021) their first album, and that is what we are going to talk about.

The opening track from the album is "Coffin Salesman" and it starts with a guitar melody and some heavy riffs, but the mixing quality made it a bit harder to listen to at some points. The vocals are aggressive, but I think they could change it a bit more, to make it more dynamic. The guitars, bass and drums are very technical. "Far More than Sustenance Now" starts with a technical guitar riff, but the drums are too noisy and that made it sound confusing sometimes. I like when the clean vocals come in, and how they created a different dynamic using clean guitar tones and modern ambiances.

"George Van Tassel" starts out with an introduction created by what it seems to be TV news or an interview. Then the aggressiveness starts right in your face and there are some nice and technical riffs here, they do sound cool. There's a breakdown that sounds very different, and I liked how they did it. "Low" is a very nice song, but the sound of cymbals is too loud and they did mess up a little bit of the experience.

"Mountain Cover" starts different from any other song of them, it feels like an experimental metal. You will listen to some aggressive drum and then cool guitar melodies will create a nice structure for the clean vocals, and that is a nice thing. They have mixed different vibes here and created something kind of unique.

"Nostophobia" is the title track of the album and it starts out as Technical Death Metal as it could. That song is very direct and even in the sort of interlude when there's only drums, bass and vocals, it sounds extremely aggressive. Nice song! "Old Guard" starts with a very creative guitar riff and kitchen from bass and drums. That song sounds very nice and it feels more structured than some previous songs.

"Salt" is the last song from the album and it starts very nice. The guitar work is pretty good and the drumming and bass are really aggressive and tight. That is one of the best songs in the entire album and I must say that it will definitely destroy the pit.

SEA SLEEPER have written and released a nice Technical Death Metal with Modern Metal influences album. They have a lot to show, and I hope they do. The mixing quality did bothered me a few times, as the drums sounded loud and the instrumental sounded like a mess. But in a general way, that is pretty good material and they should have more attention from the media.

8 / 10









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"Nostophobia" Track-listing:

1. Coffin Salesman
2. Far More than Sustenance Now
3. George Van Tassel
4. Low
5. Mountain Cover
6. Nostophobia
7. Old Guard
8. Salt

Sea Sleeper Lineup:

Jess Cooley - Vocals and Guitars
Nick Kessler - Bass and Vocals
Shane Cooley - Drums

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