Scythe for Sore Eyes

SCYTHE FOR SORE EYES is a group of ungifted wannabe musicians that create such noise […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
July 1, 2019
Scythe for Sore Eyes - Nothing album cover

SCYTHE FOR SORE EYES is a group of ungifted wannabe musicians that create such noise pollution that it distantly resembles different genres of Metal music. That is how the band describes themselves. They also add that they were formed late 2013 for "Reasons Unknown." That is a direct quote from the band. The band from Helsinki, Finland have prepared their second full-length album, "Nothing". I wish I had more to say about the band, but there just isn't a lot of information out there.  Let us check out the mysterious band, shall we?

"MFR" starts out the album and has an 80's flavor and when you add in the vocals, they start to sound like ALICE COOPER. The music doesn't really change very much though out the song. It has the same monotone sound that most 80's bands held. Nothing really new here sadly. "Never Like You" follows and there seems to be hope in the intro. Much like its predecessor, the music doesn't hold any magic. The vocals do not have a lot of range, and the music is pretty much repetitive.

I jump to the fifth song, "Philosopher's Stone," and the beginning has me intrigued but that soon falls away from me. It becomes the same boring riffs on repeat. The music is truly just the same notes over and over again. So I jump to the released single, "You C(o)unt".  I mean, hopefully, this could be worth a listen to. The intro begins, and I find some hope. That soon runs away and hides. Again, the music just seems to be on repeat and the vocals still show no range.

"370HSSV" is a breath of relief at the intro. Maybe the band has something hidden away. Nope, they throw just a heavier sounding TOM PETTY riff under everything else. The name of the song had me hoping for something good, but it isn't this song. Same stuff over and over again. "Clockwork" follows with the same stuff with some guitar chugs to break up the monotonous tones. So far, the only good thing I have heard is the bass lines free and clear.

"Are We Old" finally ends the album. I must be honest, though. This song and "Spider In The Attic" are probably the best songs of the album. The vocals could be better in both, but the tempos vary so much. I only wish the vocals would have had a Punk style. They would have easily matched the tempo and style of "Are We Old".  The song has a RANCID style that most listeners could dig. Finally, a highlight, yes!!

SCYTHE FOR SORE EYES have truly made "Nothing" exactly that. I find nothing really special about the songs of the album and the repetitiveness of the riffs get quite boring after a while. The monotone vocals do nothing to help in anyway.  Again, opinions are not facts, and I am sure someone out there will disagree just to argue, but the album falls flat for me.

3 / 10









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"Nothing" Track-listing:

1. MFR
2.  Never Like You
3.  Take the Fight
4. Black Monday
5. Philosopher's Stone
6. You C(o)unt
7. Hate to Love You
8. Not Human
9. 370HSSV
10. Clockwork
11. Daylight, Darkness
12. Spiders in the Attic
13. Are we Old

Scythe for Sore Eyes Lineup:

Timo V - Vocals
Muti - Drums
Jape - Guitar
Timo R - Guitar
Tomi - Bass

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