Church Of The Scream


SCREAMACHINE is an Italian band that hails from their capital Rome. They only formed in […]
By MetalWim
July 17, 2023
ScreaMachine - Church Of The Scream album cover

SCREAMACHINE is an Italian band that hails from their capital Rome. They only formed in 2017 and with "Church Of The Scream" they are releasing their second full-length album to date. The first one, simply titled "ScreaMachine", came to fruition in 2021. In between the band made the EP "Borderline". But, for me this is the first I ever heard of the band. And to be quite honest. It took me a few listening sessions before I could fathom and describe what I was hearing.

And once I had my references, it turned out that it was the SCREAMACHINE singer that was making it easy to put my thoughts on my PC screen. Valerio "The Brave" Caricchio has a way to sound like either Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH) or Mike Howe (METAL CHURCH a.o.). and he sounds like who he wants when the music is going that way as well. So, on the thrashier and faster parts he has more of a Mustaine vibe, while on the more harmonious parts he sounds like Mike Howe's brother.

But if you think that is the full description, think again. SCREAMACHINE loves their harmony vocals, like the ones that Power Metal bands like HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS tend to use. Plus, some of the riffs used could have easily come from a band like SAXON. Just listen to "Revenge Walker". For the rest the song sounds more like MEGADETH, though. All of those ingredients together add a few more dimensions, or if you like layers, to the complete sound. It does make "Church Of The Scream" into a very much unique listening experience.

It took me a number of times having "Church Of The Scream" passing through my headphones before I was satisfied with what I heard, so I urge you to do the same. If you are a fan, afficionado, lover or enthusiast of the bands mentioned, it will pay off to take your time to let the album, and therefore SCREAMACHINE, enter into your system. And if you like it even kore than I do, that could mean you are obliged to look back at the history of SCREAMACHINE and find out if their former releases have the same kind of quality and impact as "Church Of The Scream". I personally am in tow minds. I feel the MEGADETH and METAL CHURCH references work wonders. I'm just not sure about the harmony vocals. They sound just that bit too cheesy for me. But, hey, that's me.

7 / 10









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"Church Of The Scream" Track-listing:

1. The Crimson Legacy
2. Church Of The Scream
3. Night Asylum
4. Revenge Walker
5. Met(H)Aldone
6. Flag Of Damnation
7. Occam's Failure
8. Pest Case Scenario
9. Deflagrator
10. The Epic Of Defeat

ScreaMachine Lineup:

Valerio "The Brave" Caricchio - Vocals
Francesco Bucci - Bass
Edoardo Taddei - Lead Guitars
Paolo Campitelli - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Alfonso "Fo" Corace - Drums

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