Rhesus Negative


SCREAM3DAYS is a Melodic Death Metal band from Turin, Italy - and they are one […]
By Caio Botrel
November 27, 2020
Scream3Days - Rhesus Negative album cover

SCREAM3DAYS is a Melodic Death Metal band from Turin, Italy - and they are one of the represents of the genre from that region of Europe. They released their second full-length "album titled "Rhesus Negative" via independent and that is what we are going to talk about. The opening song from the album is the instrumental and good "Sa-Ta-Na-Ma" that starts with a cool clean guitar sound and a great production. "Sodoma Impure Race" shows their aggressiveness throughout their Black Metal inspired guitar riffs and fast drums. That song reminded me of BLOODHUNTER and I totally approve it.

"The First and The Last" starts with a beautiful guitar riff that is soon joined by the other guitar and make a beautiful duet of pure Melodic Death Metal inspiration. The vocals are low gutturals and they perfectly fit the song, there's also an incredible heavy bass that changed the game. "Dive Spark - DNA" starts with a lot of great riffs that are very technical and the melodies from the vocal lines are catchy. It is one of the best songs from the whole album and I bet it sounds awesome at a gig. "Majestic 12" continues the unholy vows that these genius from Italy are pronouncing. The guitar melodies are really good and they can easily go between aggressive and more Black Metal parts to Melodic Death Metal and melodic ones.

"Meggido" is one of the heaviest song on the album, it's intense and there are darker melodies if compared to the previous ones. But that is a great thing, because the whole album is very dynamic and you can listen to it without getting bored at all. "Inanna" starts with an incredible bass line and it has different influences as well, I loved how the bass lines were done here and you can even hear a little bit of pig squeals. "Sun Serpent's Light" is a direct song with groove guitar riffs that will definitely take you down. It's a darker song and it flirts a lot with the Melodic Black Metal ambiances, there are also a great use of the backing vocals. "Imago" is another instrumental song with clear guitars and a beautiful guitar solo.

"Rhesus Negative" is the title track of the album ad the song that closes the material. It's the heavier song on the record and it goes from Melodic Death Metal to Black Metal with a very own identity created by the band. There are also clean guitar parts, which gave a different and better dynamic to it. There are just good things to find here, listen to it. SCREAM3DAYS have written and released a great album, probably one of the best releases from Italy this year. They have a lot to conquer and I hope that they will, because they have ton of potential and just need a chance to grab their place among the Melodic Death Metal gods.

10 / 10









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"Rhesus Negative" Track-listing:

1. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma
2. Sodoma Impure Race
3. The First and The Last
4. Divine Spark - DNA
5. Majestic 12
6. Megiddo
7. Inanna
8. Sun Serpent's Light
9. Imago
10. Rhesus Negative

Scream3Days Lineup:

J.Kross - Vocals
AleXXX - Guitar
C.I.T.T.E - Guitar
Andrea Signorell - Bass
Unas - Drums

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