Humanity Hour I


So, here we are with the new SCORPIONS album in our hands. It's so obvious […]
By Grigoris Chronis
June 8, 2007
Scorpions - Humanity Hour I album cover

So, here we are with the new SCORPIONS album in our hands. It's so obvious that after Unbreakable release the band should decide which way to take; Unbreakable's heavy Rock or to try something else, something new for them?
SCORPIONS have never been stuck into their past, looking always for new things to do,so their artistic heart led them to come back with a completely different sound - from what we'd expect - and a different way to work with a big songwriting team (including John 5, James Michael, Desmond Child, Eric Bazilian and Marti Frederiksen). All this brings a new fresh air to this album, making it very interesting and of course very different from what a typical SCORPIONS fan would expect.
So, in my opinion the listener has to listen to the album more than one time to come to a safe conclusion and understand the whole project! Maybe hardcore SCORPIONS fans will be the the ones that won't accept it with the first listening, but - finally - everybody's gonna agree that it's very good album.
The only thing that's missing is a couple of fast tracks that would make the album perfect, plus it's so strange to see only four of Rudolf Schenker's compositions in a SCORPIONS album and a very welcome surprise to see Mathhias Jabs' contribution in writing 5(!) songs.
It's so obvious that they have spent hours and hours of work! Great production, great guitar work (maybe not too many solos,but well played), great melodies that once you listen to them are stuck in your head and hardly go away, and last but not least: the voice. Klaus always surprises us with the great shape he keeps his voice in. Extraordinary!!! Klaus' great voice condition allows them to play whatever they want and when it comes to the vocal part it becomes a typical SCORPIONS track!
The other interesting part of this album is the lyrics.Very good lyrics (mature, I'd say) with deep meanings and reflection about the world of today, the wars, the relationship between people sum it up to the first concept SCORPIONS album with a main subject: humanity. There's a melancholic vibe on the lyrics,but there is the bright side as well.
The tracks I suggest for first 'taste' are Hour I, The Game Of Life, We Were Born To Fly, You're Lovin' Me To Death, 321, Love Will Keep Us Alive, The Cross, Humanity (it's a classic already) and Cold (which is on the dvd disc of the limited edition, as bonus track!).
Recently, in an interview Klaus Meine declared that this might be the last SCORPIONS album...but, listening to Humanity Hour I,all I can hope that this won't be true, because we can see they have still enough to say and to give to the world of music.
(Review by Antonis Loverdrive 7)

8 / 10


"Humanity Hour I" Track-listing:

Hour I
The Game Of Life
We Were Born To Fly
The Future Never Dies
You/re Lovin/Me To Death
Love Will Keep Us Alive
We Will Rise Again
Your Last Song
Love Is War
The Cross

Scorpions Lineup:

Klaus Meine - Vocals
Rudolf Schenker - Guitars
Matthias Jabs - Guitars
Pavel Maciwoda - Bass
James Kottak - Drums

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