The Human Legacy


Old school Polish grindcore band SCHISMOPATHIC released their crunchy new album "The Human Legacy"through Selfmadegod Records this year […]
October 11, 2021
Schismopathic - The Human Legacy album cover

Old school Polish grindcore band SCHISMOPATHIC released their crunchy new album "The Human Legacy"through Selfmadegod Records this year after a three-year wait from their last record. From the first song "Intro - The Beginning of the End" I knew I was in for something brutal and unforgiving. The intro starts off with apocalyptic siren sounds and ends with an eerie countdown. It's difficult to understand a lot of the lyrics in this, with Adrian's deep, demonic vocals, but a lot of it is pertaining to the collapse of society and an overall sense of doom. But you can probably tell this from the song titles alone, e.g. "Single-Use Existence" and "Landfill Site for HumanTrash." This album is high-speed in every sense of the word. Not only is there Artur Jacek Jasiński's turbo drums, but only one of the songs even makes it past the three minute mark, which is "Faithful Slaves of the System" at 3:06, so most of the songs are quite brisk. "Deviated and Devoted" is only fifteen seconds long, and feels kind of pointless. It is literally just hasty instruments with the lyrics "deviated and devoted" belched out, followed by a scream.

Stylistically, there is not a lot of deviation from this urgent, fast-moving sound. Vocally, there is hardly any variation from the guttural screams. Honestly, the whole thing feels so sped-up, it's exhausting just listening to it. I can't imagine playing on it - or trying to mosh to it. I do have to give these guys props for being able to play so fast. But because of the complete chaos of absolute calamity behind these accelerated instruments and intense vocals, it's hard for any of the band's talent to stand out - it all gets mashed together. The final song "Outro - The Human Legacy" goes back into the creepy sirens with a strange voiceover in the background. Even though it would appear to bring it full circle, I'm not sure I liked ending the album the same way it began. I felt like it needed some kind of resolution, even if it was the sound of an explosion hinting at the world actually ending. Those looking for something speedy and noisey will appreciate this effort from SCHISMOPATHIC, but anyone yearning for something creative and sonically pleasing won't be impressed.

4 / 10

Nothing special








"The Human Legacy" Track-listing:

1. Intro - The Beginning of the End
2. Faithful Slaves of the System
3. Vote For Me
4. What Can You Say Then
5. Technological Addiction
6. Deviated and Devoted
7. Proof of Ignorance
8. Single-Use Existence
9. Landfill Site for HumanTrash
10. Cut Their Ropes
11. Time of History
12. Outro - The Human Legacy

Schismopathic Lineup:

Jacek Biliński - Bass
Robert Feledyk - Guitar
Artur Janek Jasiński - Drums
Adrian - Vocals

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