SCHANDMAUL is a Folk Rock band from Munich, Germany, they incorporate modern instruments as well […]
By Cullen Baldridge
July 15, 2019
Schandmaul - Artus album cover

SCHANDMAUL is a Folk Rock band from Munich, Germany, they incorporate modern instruments as well as traditional Folk instruments into their sound. They were established in 1998 and have been doing there thing up until now with some lineup changes here and there.

So let's dwell into "Artus", their new album, shall we? "Camelot - Die Tafelrunde" is a calm, soothing, relaxing instrumental with beautiful accordion and flutes, it had me exploring my mind and painting a picture of what was going on inside my head, it definitely put me in a relaxing state of mind. "Der Meisterdieb" has some more of the same with a different spin on the song, with drums and equally calm vocals they have already got me in hibernation mode. "Camelot Der Gral" makes feel like I'm getting ready to watch "Game Of Thrones" or some type of show, movie along that genre, they're very talented musicians in SCHANDMAUL without a doubt.

"Der Totengraber" seems to be an uplifting fun story telling song, it has the most noticeable vocals on the album so far. "Camelot - Die Insel" is another masterfully put together instrumental, if you want to close your eyes, listen and write your own story, this is the album for you. "Vagabunden" starts at a faster pace but slows down just a little, keeping the paste throughout the song, Lindner has an amazing voice. "Froschkonig" has typical vocals with a touch of dark overtones. "Auf Und Devon" has a cool and simple drumming thing going on with some guitars and deep bass notes, it is an upbeat song. "Der Kapitan" comes across as a German pirate song, telling a story of the seas. "Die Oboe" begins with some electric guitars and drums and darker vocals than anything I've heard on this album so far, it changes to a slower pace here and there, returning back and forth between the paces.

I'll leave you with five other songs for you to check out for yourself, the musicians are very talented, Thomas Lindner has the perfect voice for this band, every vocal and musical note are impeccable.

8 / 10









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"Artus" Track-listing:

1. Camelot - Die Tafelrunde
2. Der Meisterdieb
3. Camelot - Der Gral
4. Der Totengraber
5. Camelot - Die Insel
6. Vagabunden
7. Froschkonig
8. Auf Und Devon
9. Der Kapitan
10. Die Oboe
11. Chevalier
12. Die Tafelrunde
13. Der Gral
14. Die Insel - Ynys Yr Afallon
15. Der Weibe Wal

Schandmaul Lineup:

Thomas Lindner - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Accordion
Birgit Muggenthaler Shmack - Flute, Shawms, Bagpipe, Vocals
Martin Ducky Duckstwein - Guitars Vocals
Stefan Brunner - Drums, Vocals,
Matthias Richter - Bass

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