Rise of the Scarab


On their bio sheet they were described as Nu Metal. I can't tell you how […]
By Terry "Sgt. Slayer 666" McIntosh
November 7, 2015
Scavanger - Rise Of The Scarab album cover

On their bio sheet they were described as Nu Metal. I can't tell you how inaccurate that is. This is classic European Metal. Think IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, and ACCEPT. This band came together in 2001 starting out as a covers band but since then has put out 2 full length albums of original tracks. This is their third album and it's a ripper. This band plays their metal hard and fast with some awesome tracks on here if you're a fan of old school metal like myself. Kicking off with a track giving you inkling into the bands make up they open the album with a track called "Scotland Unite". Great song and really sets the tone nicely. "Reunion" the track straight after it is another piece that establishes their bouncing rhythms and cool twin guitar action.

Plenty of head nodding tracks on her with "Soldier Of Time" being one of the catchiest. It also features one of my favorite solos of the album in a real nod to the metal gods JUDAS PRIEST.

"Rise Of The Scarab" shows its IRON MAIDEN influence with some great galloping riffs and quite moments that bring to mind the "Piece of mind" era IRON MAIDEN.  It's probably not very often that you hear this but they have some awesome use of second vocal tracks and backing vocals that add so much to their sound its brilliant.

These guys have written an album full of melodic classic metal that encapsulates all that is great about Heavy metal. The band uses the twin guitar attack to spew forth explosive riffs and tantalizing solos that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

"Grandpa Death" is a fun little song with narrations to help along with the story. The band uses some samples from all sorts of sources that help the stories along. These guys have taken all that is great about metal added their own creations to it and recorded a solid album.  I really dig this band and they have made an album that has heaps of flavor and is a great piece of heavy metal.<

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Rise of the Scarab" Track-listing:

1. Scotland Reunite
2. Reunion
3. Soldier Of Time
4. Stalling
5. The Rise Of The Scarab 6:50
6. Lost Inside
7. Late Again
8. Boss Hoss
9. Chop & Change
10. Grandpa Death
11. Hold On
12. Angua

Scavanger Lineup:

Anian Geyer - Vocals
Andi Schrank - Lead-/Rythm Guitar
Andy Jung - Lead-/Rythm Guitar
Andreas Kanzler - Bass
Felix Mayer - Drums

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