Scars Divide

Scars Divide

SCARS DIVIDE is a brand new Progressive/Metalcore band from Switzerland. Having been formed just last […]
By Erika Kuenstler
April 18, 2014
Scars Divide - Scars Divide album cover

SCARS DIVIDE is a brand new Progressive/Metalcore band from Switzerland. Having been formed just last year, this year already sees the launch of their self-entitled six-tracked EP "Scars Divide". It is interesting to see a band that tries to bridge the genres of Progressive Metal and Metalcore, and this certainly lends SCARS DIVIDE a fresh sound that is none too common. Consisting of members from various other Swiss bands, it is clear from the outset that SCARS DIVIDE know what they are doing musically.

With a total play-time that is just shy of half an hour, "Scars Divide" is over relatively quickly. This release has its fair share of decent riffage, and although the vocals may have some room for improvement, considering that this release is the very first EP of the band, this can be overlooked. Combining Metalcore breakdowns with strong and heavy guitar riffs, solid drumming, and very core-based vocals, this album is a complete amalgamation of styles. One could perhaps say that some of the more Progressive elements are not entirely seamlessly integrated, particularly in the earlier tracks on the EP, and it almost seems as if the release increases in coherence as it progresses, with songs such as "Their Own Demise" and "Three Meters Sixty" being considerably less chaotic than the first track "All That We Need". "Salt Ice and Fire" however provides an interesting variation in the overall album, with its slower and much more melody driven sound. In comparison to this, "Three Meters Sixty" is a heavy breakdown galore track which is sure to incite massive pits live. "Whispering Shores" is a soothing interlude to the album that does well in bringing the listener down to earth and letting them catch their breath in preparation for the onslaught provided by the other five tracks.

Overall, this is a decent EP. Sure, it has its weaknesses, but seeing as this is the band's very first release, their sound can only improve with time. They have the potential to go far and to pioneer an interesting sound, and I'm sure there are many people who are eagerly keeping their eyes on SCARS DIVIDE to see what they accomplish next.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Scars Divide" Track-listing:

1. All That We Need
2. Salt, Ice and Fire
3. The Venom of Leviathan
4. Their Own Demise
5. Three Meters Sixty
6. Whispering Shores

Scars Divide Lineup:

Vincent Huther - Vocals
Fabien Vodoz - Drums
Grégoire Parchet - Guitar
Samuel Duarte - Guitar
Pierre Carroz - Bass

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