Show Your Colours

Scarlet Rebels

Here we have a melodic hard rock band debuting an album  released via Rock of […]
By Dave Nowels
August 6, 2019
Scarlet Rebels - Show Your Colours album cover

Here we have a melodic hard rock band debuting an album  released via Rock of Angels Records. The band formed from it's previous incarnation that was known as VoiD, which had released three previous albums from 2009 - 2015. But, the band's newly solidified line-up is forward looking now, re-christened, and re-energized as SCARLET REBELS, debuting  with "Show You Colours".  The band cites a staggering, yet confusing list (at least at first glance) of influences ranging from SPRINGSTEEN, FOO FIGHTERS, TOM PETTY and BON JOVI.

The songs are themed as definite AOR candy, but at least in my first run through, disappointingly underwhelmed. I struggled to find the edge I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) should be present. In my heavy music listening of late, I've found myself much more focused on drastically heavier music, and as a result, my first instinct was to shrug this release off. Out of a sense of obligation and fairness, I insisted I  listen again, and to also shed my preconceived comparisons to other recent musical excursions I'd undertook. I'm glad I did. Those influences the band cited began to make more sense with each listen, though I think they left out a significant one. I hear a lot of Scotland's AOR champions of the world, DEL AMITRI in their sound. The DELS are one of my favorite bands, and that similarity is what won me over.

As a whole, "Show Your Colours" is a fun journey. There were certain tracks that really manged to sway me over in my subsequent re-listens, and those are the one I'd really recommend new listeners investigate first.  Ironically, I've come to realize that the songs I'd recommend most seem to cover a little darker real estate. "Heal" "Shattered Dreams", and most surprisingly, the ballad "Blinded By The Pain" carried the most edge for me,  as lyrically they seem to tackle mental heath issues. Musically, the songs are defiantly hook driven, catchy, and well executed. Lyrically, singer-songwriter Wayne Doyle has put together strong, introspective content, that he presents in an energetic, passionate manner that matches the intensity of the band's playing.

I'm glad I gave this one the extra chance it deserved. If your interest in heavy music is dominated by only certain genres such as Death, Doom or Black Metal, SCARLET REBELS probably won't be your cup of tea. But if, good songwriting, strong melodies and powerhouse hooks appeal to some part of your music psyche, I think you'll really like SCARLET REBELS and "Show Your Colours" if you give it a chance.

8 / 10









"Show Your Colours" Track-listing:

1. No One To Blame
2. You Take My Breath Away
3. Head's In The Ground
4. Part Of Me
5. Heal
6. Let Your Love Go
7. Nothing To Say
8. Save Me
9. Blinded By The Pain
10. Shattered Dreams
11. Can I Open My Eyes
12. Returning Light
13. Losing End

Scarlet Rebels Lineup:

Wayne Doyle - Vocals, Guitar
Gary Doyle - Drums
Wayne "Pricey" Esmonde - Bass
Chris Jones - Guitar
Josh Townsend - Guitar, Keys

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