Scar The Martyr

Scar The Martyr

For any of you SLIPKNOT fans out there, I'm assuming we have a fair few […]
By Bex "Hardcore" Tasker
October 10, 2013
Scar The Martyr - Scar The Martyr album cover

For any of you SLIPKNOT fans out there, I'm assuming we have a fair few here at Metal Temple, this band is likely to grab your attention. Formed in 2013, SCAR THE MARTYR is a Metal band depicting the prolific and extremely talented work of SLIPKNOT's songwriter and drummer, Joey Jordison. Jordison states that the band's self-titled album maintains the essence of SLIPKNOT, but also brings forth some new, unique elements. The band is complete with some very high-profile musicians, including keyboardist Chris Vrenna of NINE INCH NAILS, guitarist Jed Simon of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, guitarist Kris Norris of DARKEST HOUR, and finally vocalist Henry Derek. With such a talented collaboration, it is no surprise that this release is a work of art, and SCAR THE MARTYR are set for a bright (or 'dark', I should say, whenever Metal is concerned) future in the music industry.

You aforementioned SLIPKNOT lovers are likely to notice some similarities to the legendary band's music, but also several differences. SCAR THE MARTYR certainly matches SLIPKNOT in talent, synchronicity, memorability, and energy, yet this album features components that set it apart. The opening track "Anatomy of Erinyes" begins with some static sounds, then brings in some overlapping, hitch-pitched guitar riffs. This is soon followed by distorted guitar, intense drums, and Derek's diverse vocals. On first impression, this track is rather different from SLIPKNOT. "Effigy Unborn" highlights Jordison's awesome drumming skills, as well as his song writing. There's some quite intense double kick; I think Jordison definitely chose the right career.

The next track, simply entitled "Intro" is composed of a series of haunting sounds, including laughter, screams and muttering voices. A mere 1:03, the eerie chorus is over before it begins, but makes a nice and creepy addition to the album. "Last Night on Earth" is up next. The introduction is longer than the entire previous song, and consists of hair-raising keyboard effects, before the guitars come in with speedy riffs. Jordison takes a rather minimalist approach, with elements playing repeated sequences and being joined by others to create an intense symphony. When the vocals come in the song gets even better, again Derek's vocal diversity is highlighted, as he delivers some great lyrics. The track contains such a variety of music in its mammoth 8 and a half minutes that it is hard to describe. Jordison certainly showcases his intricate composition style.

As we venture into the second half of the album, "Mind's Eye" is another good one. Simon and Norris's guitars work together perfectly, and are backed up superbly by Jordison's drums. The vocals are catchy, and delivered superbly by Derek. The next track, "My Retribution", is also great. And so is the one after it, and the one after that. Each song manages to illustrate SCAR THE MARTYR's unique sound, yet also add something new. The only true analysis I can give is to recommend that you give it a lengthy and attentive listen; it's well worth your time. Track number 12, "Sign of the Omeneye", is another that makes use of ominous effects at the beginning. The work of keyboardist Vrenna is impressive here, as are the respective efforts of the rest of the band. The final song on the album also kicks off with some eerie guitar and effects. "White Nights In A Day Room" is one that cannot be appreciated fully unless through headphones. In fact, the whole album is awesome, but when headphones are involved, it's outstanding.

Unfortunately, I do not possess the brain power, or the time, to describe each and every song in full detail to do this album justice. If I had either of these, this review would go on forever. It would probably need a website of its own. So, to summarise, this album is exceptional, and I wouldn't expect anything less from such a talented group of musicians, with an immensely imaginative composer. I would recommend this album to all Metalheads, whether or not you're a fan of SLIPKNOT. Scar the Martyr by SCAR THE MARTYR has a little something for everyone, and I find it hard to imagine that there would be many who dislike it, unless you're not a fan of musical brilliance.

10 / 10


"Scar The Martyr" Track-listing:

1. Anatomy of Erinyes
2. Blood Host
3. Cruel Ocean
4. Dark Ages
5. Effigy Unborn
6. Intro
7. Last Night on Earth
8. Mind's Eye
9. My Retribution
10. Never Forgive Never Forget
11. Prayer For Prey
12. Sign of The Omeneye
13. Soul Disintegration
14. White Nights In A Day Room

Scar The Martyr Lineup:

Henry Derek - Lead Vocals
Jed Simon - Guitar
Kris Norris - Guitar
Chris Vrenna -Keyboards
Joey Jordison - Drums

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