Dark Matter Dimensions

Scar Symmetry

SCAR SYMMETRY started in 2005 with the intention to take the Swedish melodic Death Metal […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 27, 2009
Scar Symmetry - Dark Matter Dimensions album cover

SCAR SYMMETRY started in 2005 with the intention to take the Swedish melodic Death Metal scene one step further. For this they used additional heaviness and implemented a dual vocal profile featuring clean and brutal ones. This vocal recipe had nothing to do with the Metalcore scene but was used as a bridge connecting Death Metal with the melodic backbone. During their attempts the band started uses almost progressive Metal patterns and at some extent they managed to create an almost personal sound. I said 'almost' because the STRAPPING YOUNG LAD influences are everywhere and do not fully support the original tag.
Well, SCAR SYMMETRY continued to work on this direction and managed to release three albums making their moniker known to the wider Metal scene. After the Holographic Universe release the charismatic singer Christian Alvestam parted ways with the band (he has formed THE FEW AGAINST MANY) and SCAR SYMMETRY found the proper replacement bringing two singers. With a new lineup and one more member SCAR SYMMETRY released Dark Matter Dimensions through Nuclear Blast Records.
First of all, the title and the scientific feeling of the album is a reason for me to give them some credit from the very beginning. The complexity of the composition here, manage to support this scientific atmosphere without losing and inch in terms of heaviness. The use of two singers, gives the band addition degrees of freedom and use more dual vocal harmonies that is the striking element of the album. Noumenon And Phenomenon is the audio proof of this evolution in the vocals. The song has a catchy main melody that shines through the NEVERMORE guitars serving their part in the overall complexity. The Swedish band keeps the same structure in all tracks and thus sound a little bit repetitive. I mean while listening the album I got the feeling I was listening the same song with minor variations. Furthermore, the album seems to luck the 'hit' songs
that will attract the listener from the first listening sessions. This also means that Dark Matter Dimensions may need additional CD spins to grow inside and extent the entire range of its potential. Among the 11 songs of the album's regular version I can distinguish Noumenon And Phenomenon, Sculpture Void -with the excellent keyboards- and the homonymous track with the foot-tapping groove. The ballad-like A Paranthesis In Eternity is an interesting suggestion despite the out-of-my-league progressive guitars that blur my mind with all these faster-than-light scale changing.
So, if you were attracted by the band's previous albums then this one will satisfy all the expectations of yours. The replacements behind the microphone have brought a fresh air in SCAR SYMMETRY and overall have extended the range for future development. I just wish that eventually the band will settle in a certain music identity and will avoid over-loading the albums.

Noumenon And Phenomenon

7 / 10


"Dark Matter Dimensions" Track-listing:

The Iconoclast
The Consciousness Eaters
Noumenon And Phenomenon
Ascension Chamber
Mechanical Soul Cybernetics
Nonhuman Era
Dark Matter Dimensions
Sculpture Void
A Paranthesis In Eternity
Radiant Strain

Scar Symmetry Lineup:

Roberth Robban Karlsson - Harsh Vocals
Lars Palmqvist - Clean Vocals
Jonas Kjellgren - Guitar
Per Nilsson - Guitar
Kenneth Seil - Bass
Henrik Ohlsson - Drums

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