Maybe it's because my great grandfather is from Teramo, Abruzzi that I feel such an […]
By Joe Reed
September 9, 2013
Sawthis - Youniverse album cover

Maybe it's because my great grandfather is from Teramo, Abruzzi that I feel such an affinity for SAWTHIS. Or maybe it's the fact that I've been listening to FEAR FACTORY lately and this guitar tone reminds me of how industrial influences can be put to good use enough to make you want to crush someone's face. Maybe it's the beautifully catchy chorus of "The Voice Falls on Me". Regardless of what it is, "Youniverse" is a pretty solid release from a band that's been churning out a unique brand of Thrash / Industrial / Rock / Death Metal since 1997 when they formed as SOTHIS.

SAWTHIS has something for everyone, although their sound doesn't cater to one extreme enough to please many sub-genre dwellers, these songs are well put together enough to keep your head banging and your ears delighted. If you like your Metal a little technical, the drumming on "The Disturbed" will grab your attention immediately with Michele Melchiorre demonstrating his ability to keep you in awe with the stick work. There's an underlined Rock influence demonstrated in the lead guitars that absolutely, well, rocks! The looseness of the solos has a very delightful quality that makes the record a fun and easy listen despite the aggression and punctuality of many of the tracks. We don't get Rock bands like this in the US, so pardon my being in awe that a band can manage to combine heaviness with rock sensibility without coming across completely pedestrian.

"The Crowded Room" demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about. I dare any listener's toes to keep from tapping as that infectious chorus is belted out. "The Indeleble" and "The Mad" are aggressive enough to rival any Death Metal act without sacrificing the band's melodic approach. The most impressive track musically, however, is "The Switch," a lesson in unique guitar work that displays interplays of melody, technicality, and fretwork that manages to carry into a well structured chorus. Quality playing and quality songwriting, you can't really go wrong with both of those elements in the mixture.

Overall, I applaud "Youniverse" for highlighting the band's signature melody and cleverly put together blend of Rock and Metal without appealing to the lowest common denominator musically or aesthetically. Well done.

8 / 10


"Youniverse" Track-listing:

1. The Logical Colors
2. The Waking Up
3. The Voice Falls on Me
4. The Disturbed
5. The Crowded Room
6. The Indeleble
7. The Impure Soul
8. The Spotlight
9. The Mad
10. The Switch
11. The Walking

Sawthis Lineup:

Gaetano Ettorre - Bass
Michele Melchiorre - Drums
Adriano Quaranta - Guitar
Devis Ercole - Guitar
Alessandro Fala - Vocals

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