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Decade Of Savagery

Savage Deity

SAVAGE DEITY is a death metal band from Thailand. "Decade Of Savagery," is their third […]
January 10, 2022
Savage Deity - Decade Of Savagery album cover

SAVAGE DEITY is a death metal band from Thailand. "Decade Of Savagery," is their third full length album. Since forming in 2010, they have also released one demo, three splits plus both an EP and a live album. When I pressed play on "Decade Of Savagery," I was instantly transported to the late 80s/early 90s death metal scene.  A LOT of bands play OSDM but this album is a dead ringer for the sound.  If I knew nothing of the album, and someone told me this came out 30 years ago, I would straight up believe them. This doesn't win SAVAGE DEITY any originality points but any band playing this style isn't trying to reinvent the wheel. If you want insane riffs, destructive groove and a godly tone, then "Decade Of Savagery," is going to give these to you in spades.

Speaking of tone...everything sounds top shelf. The guitars are a wet dream, the bass slaps and the drums are crisp as hell. The vocals? Straight from the grave—cold and brutal. The album begins with "Crucifather," which fires right out of the gate with savage instrumentation. Early on, the song settles into a groove with the guitars and vocals in synergy while the bass and drums provide a rhythm section that is as unstoppable as a tank. At just over three minutes in length, the song doesn't wear out its welcome. It gets in, gets out and prepares the listener for what is to come. The riffs on "Filthy Rotation," are catchy and groove laden one minute and full of righteous speed and anger the next.  The band definitely knows how to keep the song interesting and throwing in a few blistering leads doesn't hurt.

"Christ Tension," is one mean track—these riffs go hard and present themselves as a battery ram. Carried by its own momentum, this song races from one second to the next but makes the to pulverize. If the movement from 3:30 to end doesn't make you want to launch someone into a wall then maybe you just don't like death metal. The drums compliment the song in a big way on "Kill This Cult." Together with the riffs, they give the song a large and full sound but it is still biting and old school enough to beg for the beating to stop.  I like the middle part of the song where the riffs come in and out but the bass keeps on the assault, giving the listener no break at all but instead just another way to be flattened. The ending solo and the thrash influenced ending cap the whole thing off with a bang.

The final track, "Beneath The Sanctum," is sinister with its slow speed and deep, throaty gutturals.  Over the course of the first couple of minutes, the song speeds up little by little before slowing down yet again, turning the song into a roller coaster of death.  Around the three minute mark, the riffs double down on the violence and some of the best moments are at hand, especially that surprising solo that is both melodic yet technical. I don't know much about the metal scene in Thailand but it is obviously doing something right. For those who worship old school death, SAVAGE DEITY's "Decade Of Savagery" is a must listen.

8 / 10









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"Decade Of Savagery" Track-listing:

1. Crucifather
2. Filthy Rotation
3. Obscure Fortune
4. Drenched in Blood
5. Christ Tension
6. Where God Belong
7. Kill This Cult
8. Skin the Saint
9. Perish Mangda
10. Beneath the Sanctum

Savage Deity Lineup:

Ray - Guitars
Twish - Vocals, Bass
Thinnarat - Drums
Saran - Guitars

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