Paradigm Call

Saturnalia Temple

I’m happy to report that “Paradigm Call” continues to cement the band's unique sound onto the ever growing pantheon of doom metal.
January 28, 2024

SATURNALIA TEMPLE is a Swedish doom metal band that formed in 2006. “Paradigm Call” is their fourth full length album. They have also released a demo, two EPs and a split. I reviewed their previous full length album, “Gravity” back in 2000, which seems like another lifetime ago at this point. I praised them for their unique and weird vibes…and I’m happy to report that “Paradigm Call” continues to cement the band's unique sound onto the ever growing pantheon of doom metal.

The band combines thick as hell stoner doom with extreme metal, particularly in the vocals which are a mixture of death and blackened growls. But it’s more than such a simple but effective combination. This album is definitely trippy, psychedelic with a massive occult atmosphere permeating each note. All this means that “Paradigm Call” is ultra heavy but also a strange trip that might alienate the common listener. But if you know…then you must know this album is a must listen for 2024.

The journey unto a kaleidoscope of oblivion begins with the intro “Drakon,” and its slow riffs and dismal leanings. It is a short track but definitely does a good job in setting up the rest of the album and introducing the first full song “Revel In Dissidence.” The riffs seem to echo the intro, a natural extension of a very quickly established tone. The hazy riffs, fuzz bass and extreme vocals are very much an intoxicating concoction. The echo on the vocals is perfect—-it really lends the album as a whole an old school, vintage sound. I bet this album will sound truly magical on vinyl.

The stoner aspect of the music seems like a laid back approach as the album isn’t very aggressive but keep listening and let your ears dig a little deeper and there is some evil, dangerous stuff being played. The mysterious, the arcane, and the unforeseen continues with the title track and its killer opening grooves. The drumming is tight, a deft hand that steers the band in the correct direction. The guitar solo near the end compliments the song, as both grab a hold of the senses and put me into a trance like state. I don’t do drugs but if I did, I’d put this song on repeat.

As I mentioned before, this album is as heavy as it is trippy—”Ascending The Pale” is a fine example of what I mean. The low, murky bass and grimey riffs are among the strongest on the album. This song hits like a sledgehammer but in a subtle way—you don’t know how far you’re gone until you’re already covered in blood.

The album ends with the instrumental “Kaivalya” and the opening bass notes immediately grabbed me. I love the guitar solo, weaving through the notes like a snake. But this snake doesn’t strike, it just coils into a never ending death grip. As the lights fade away, the remembrance of the danger ignored grows louder even as everything else grows quieter.

Once again, SATURNALIA TEMPLE has written another insane musical journey. “Paradigm Call” is an unique album by a band that does what it wants, how it wants. This translates to a weird but never less than interesting opus. Any fan of doom needs to experience this band and this album is as good a place as any to start.

8 / 10









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"Paradigm Call" Track-listing:
  1. Drakon
  2. Revel in Dissidence
  3. Paradigm Call
  4. Among the Ruins
  5. Black Smoke
  6. Ascending the Pale
  7. Empty Chalice
  8. Kaivalya
Saturnalia Temple Lineup:

Tommie - Vocals, Guitars
Gottfrid Åhman - Bass
Pelle Åhman - Drums

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