Crowned Infernal


And just as I was ready to face one more boring and shitty release Crowned […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 20, 2008
Sathanas - Crowned Infernal album cover

And just as I was ready to face one more boring and shitty release Crowned Infernal by the US metallers SATHANAS hits me like a thunder and I still haven't relaxed from their satanic assault! These guys are surely something that I had a long time to hear and I am rally glad that their new album hasn't melted yet from the numerous spins in my CD player.

Even though I didn't know this band, I found out that Jim Strauss has played the drums for the very well known Black/Death Metal act ACHERON is the past, while the band's mastermind Paul Tucker used to be the frontman for the cult Black/Death Metal band BATHYM. Even though SATHANAS were formed back in 1988, they split up one year later due to members losing interest in the band. The band was actually reformed somewhere around 1993/1994 if I am not mistaken and is active until today.

The band has gone through some really hard times throughout its career facing labels that went bankrupt, numerous line up changes and many more, but Tucker showed his will for Metal by defying every obstacle and keeping SATHANAS alive. Not only he kept the band alive for so many years despite the difficulties, but he and his mates have returned with a brand new album that was no doubt recorded in hell and mixed/mastered by Satan himself!

Crowned Infernal is an incredible sample of pure and unadulterated Black/Thrash Metal, reminding us of bands like DARKTHRONE, WITCHERY and NIFELHEIM. The US black/thrashers tear you apart with razor sharp guitar work, relentless drumming and hellish vocals and if you still want more, Tore Stjerna's (WATAIN, IN BATTLE etc.) work behind the console is here to finish you with a raw yet heavy sound.

I don't know why, but this album has managed to take over my CD player with its blasphemous in your face attitude. There is nothing groundbreaking or so unique in Crowned Infernal, but it has such a strong character as an album that you simply can't take your eyes, or to be more precise your ears off of it. Blacksters, thrashers and extreme lovers be sure to check them out.

8 / 10


"Crowned Infernal" Track-listing:

Crowned Infernal
At Death's Command
Cast Into The Fire
Beneath The Blood Red Moon
Dawn Of Satan's Rise
The Beast Of Revelation
Witches Sabbat
Summoning The Ancient Hordes
Necromantic Rites
Hymns From The Shadowland
Sacrificial Kingdom

Sathanas Lineup:

Paul Tucker - Vocals, Guitar
Bill Davidson - Bass
Jim Strauss - Drums

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