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Satan's Wrath

Tracing the footsteps of the patriarchs of Heavy Metal music, the ones that solidified with […]
December 5, 2013
Satan's Wrath - Aeons Of Satan's Reign album cover

Tracing the footsteps of the patriarchs of Heavy Metal music, the ones that solidified with occult beliefs, singing about it and praising the name of the lord of the underworld, the Greek first wave of Black / Death / Thrash Metal ogres SATAN'S WRATH continue their quest for a possible hellish domination upon the earth with the release of their second album, "Aeons Of Satan's Reign", via Metal Blade Records, not waiting for too long after the debut "Galloping Blasphemy". This time, the founding members, Tas Danazoglou and Stamos K. completed an entire lineup for the occasion of their next profanity that got closer to the 80's era of SODOM meets SLAYER and a lesser of the MERCYFUL FATE coating, yet still abiding the sticking to the similar NWOBHM vibe al'a early IRON MAIDEN bequeathing crispy melodic lines and vintage Metal riffs. Also, thankfully the band conserved the appropriate ominous 70's BLACK SABBATH dreariness heaving an uncultivated VENOM attitude.

To be frank, other than the something that sounds like a growl, but it is really not, vocalic performance by Tas Danazoglou, which was introduced on the debut, "Aeons Of Satan's Reign" is an Heavy Metal album, don't let the labeling fool you, if you are looking for extremity, this stuff right here before you is first wave revival, back to the blasphemous early 80's. However, this time I believe that SATAN'S WRATH tasted a bit of the filthy old Thrash paradigm, or possibly proto Thrash with zings of Speed Metal. Largely, the album's material is neatly written, presenting a majority of forthright arrangements, with several indications of stepping out of tradition in favour of abysmal brutality, yet trust me that it didn't happen a lot. On the other hand, the band's melodic edge suited the need to be evil, malevolent, satanic as it can get, letting the darkness howl through the songs. Thus the melodic creativity behind the guitars, and I might also mention the rhythm guitar riffery in overall that set the record straight for the band's musical direction, contributed to this album's obscure vapour. Regretfully, Danazoglou's raspy / semi Black Metal growl vocals may have sounded lifeless and deathly acrimonious, as it matched the album's aura, but in time it became tiresome and moderately tone deaf. I believe that a growler or even a singer with a heavily raspy voice manner can show a sort of an emotional expression, but nothing here I'm afraid. Gladly that Danazoglou has a solid band to back him up with a fine measure of skill and musicality.

"Ecstasies of Sorcery" vigorously defined SATAN'S WRATH onslaught ferocity on charging forward like old SLAYER, shadowing the thrashing assault with tremendous wild soloing and howling melodies looming above like hawk on its pray. The opening provocative tracks will stand firmly against any religious common folk, raising the flag of hell and waiving it across one's face with a glittering smile and burning red eyes. Slightly speedy as MOTORHEAD but mostly following late 80's melodic devilish type of SODOM screeching SLAYER with pride by producing a simplistic catchy song that holds no restrictions or mercy. Other than these two, I noticed distinct outcomes of astuteness and the old British vibe on "Die White Witch Die" and the summarizing epic "Aeons of Satan's Reign". Praising Satan as their true god and creator, shaping the figures of mindless slaves, SATAN'S WRATH deliver their impact of torment with a release that should be noticed. It might not be as resilient as the debut, yet recommended.

7 / 10


"Aeons Of Satan's Reign" Track-listing:

1. Only Satan Is Lord
2. Die White Witch Die
3. Archfiend
4. Ecstasies of Sorcery
5. Satan's Blood, Lucifer's Fire
6. All of Us Witches
7. Lives of the Necromancers
8. Aeons of Satan's Reign

Satan's Wrath Lineup:

Costa - Bass
Nathan Perrier - Drums
V - Guitars
Stamos K. - Guitars
Tas Danazoglou - Vocals

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