Blessed By My Brothers


Three-piece UK and Japan based death-metal band SARPANITUM start off their new, second full-length album […]
By Aaron E.
April 15, 2015
Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers album cover

Three-piece UK and Japan based death-metal band SARPANITUM start off their new, second full-length album "Blessed be My Brothers" with a pretty chill, heavy metal-like intro/guitar riff in the first song, "Komenos". However, it quickly becomes clear they were holding back, and not just a little bit. From the second song, "By Virtuous Reclamation", on, the guitars and drums start blasting through your speakers, and when you first hear Tom Innocenti's voice, you feel like all hell has broken loose. I have to admit I almost got a little scared just by the sound of it.

"Truth" and "Glorification Upon The Powdered Bones Of The Sundered Dead" bring you more of the same, but in this case that's absolutely a good thing. In "Immortalised As Golden Spires" they suddenly go all dark, ominous and grave-yard-y on you with a bit of hollow sounding percussion and some sinister angelic voices in the background, but in "Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished" they go on like they started, with heavy rhythm guitars and high pitched riffs. All the while Leon Macey keeps on banging those drums like the devil himself is breathing on the back of his neck.

SARPANITUM play straightforward death metal but also don't shy away from going a little bit more silent and obscure, as in, for example, "Homeland". You can clearly hear the influence of bands like MAYHEM, IMMOLATION and MORBID ANGEL. These kind of songs bring nice breaks from the heavy thundering guitars and drums and give you the space to get a breather, so you can re-energize and go on listening to the brilliant brutality that is "Blessed Be My Brothers".

In the end there's not much to say about this death metal masterpiece. Put it on, listen to it, and if you're in the mood for something heavy and piercing, you will absolutely love it.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Blessed By My Brothers" Track-listing:

1. Komenos

2. By Virtuous Reclamation

3. Truth

4. Glorification Upon The Powdered Bones Of The Sundered Dead

5. Immortalised As Golden Spires

6. Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished

7. I Defy For I Am Free

8. Homeland

9. Malek Al-Inkitar

10. Blessed Be My Brothers

Sarpanitum Lineup:

Tom Hyde - Guitars

Tom Innocenti - Guitars & Bass & Vocals

Leon Macey - Drums

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