Bestial Supremacy (Reissue)


It's too strange to speak two times from a same band in a short amount […]
By Marcus "Big Daddy" Garcia
January 22, 2014
Sarkom - Bestial Supremacy (Reissue) album cover

It's too strange to speak two times from a same band in a short amount of time, but destiny has some tricks to this old Metal heart of mine, but to write about SARKOM is a great pleasure. And this is a reissue for band's second full-length, "Bestial Supremacy".

All that was said by your Ol' Big Daddy here about band's work is the very same: their music is still that harsh and darker Black Metal from the first album but with some improvements from the bands (the musical arrangements are finer than before), and the slower moments are more present than in "Aggravation of Mind", as well as some more 1X1 tempos appear on the drums, and the vocals turned to a more traditional way of singing. But don't worry: if you liked the first one, you'll love the second as well.

Again Martin Storm Olsen worked in recording and mixing processes, but the quality is only a little harsh than before, getting near from that sound for guitars from earlier Norwegian Black Metal. Again, don't disturb yourself: the quality is good enough to understand what they're playing, and don't cause damage to SARKOM's essence.

The most striking features about their songs is that they are shorter than before, focusing in song of lesser than 5 minutes. But they are all good, with greater moments on "Inferior Bleeding" (slower and darker tempos, making the vocals appear in a good shape), the funeral "I Call Your Name", the brutal grasp called "Bestial Supremacy" (a faster song, making the drums appear with good tempos), the morbid "Parallel to a Wall of Fire" (the guitar riffs are excellent on this song), "Revival of Torment" (with great bass work along with drums, going from mid tempos to fast ones), and the marvelous "Finalizing Sovereignty".

Wonderful and I just can't wait to hear "Doomsday Elite", their work from last year.

10 / 10


"Bestial Supremacy (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Inferior Bleeding
2. I Call Your Name
3. Bestial Supremacy
4. Infected
5. Parallel to a Wall of Fire
6. Symbolic Revulsion
7. Artificial
8. Revival of Torment
9. Crushing the Retrospective Dominions
10. Finalizing Sovereignty

Sarkom Lineup:

Unsgaard - Vocals
Sagstad - Guitars, bass
Renton - Drums

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