Desert Warrior


SANDSTORM is a Canadian power trio, focused on atmosphere and following along the trails of […]
By Patrick McMahon
February 8, 2021
Sandstorm - Desert Warrior album cover

SANDSTORM is a Canadian power trio, focused on atmosphere and following along the trails of their independent release "Time to Strike". The release of "Desert Warrior" is scheduled for the 26th of February. The first impression given of this four-track release is "Desert Warrior". The track is a slow burn at 5 minutes and 20 seconds and gives the vibe that this classic styled metal is much more a blunt hammer than a fine and finessed instrument. Power chords loom heavy over the beat of the track, which is a fantastic vibe. The vocals seem to be the primary way to convey the message in the track, and I walk away with the understanding that nothing can hold a desert warrior down. Metal.

"Eat Me Alive" walks in with a very strange take on the lead guitar, all be it a chromatic lick. The chorus of this track is a variation but seems similar to "Desert Warrior" when I dig right down to the point. There is a lot going on lyrically and vocally, but for some reason I just can not get caught on this track. I really cannot put my finger on the issue, the production is very listenable, the track is cohesive, but it is not my cup of tea. "Evil Wins" is up next in our four-track release. The feeling is quite different at first, with single plucked notes on an acoustic sound accompanied by layered vocals. The pace changes 2 minutes in to the experience, reminding us that the title of the track is "Evil Wins". There is another prominent lead experience in this song that seems off with the rest of the track. The song drives with a few segments that thud along like the others, and the title theme repeats ad nauseum.

"Power of the Pyramids" ends the lineup with some very dark and dramatic sounding dual guitar intro riffs. After the riff however, it seems to fall back into the same formula. Again, the title is repeated throughout the song. Overall, SANDSTORM is not my thing. I will not discredit the analog sound from days gone by, simply because my dad would likely disown me. There are many strong qualities that could tie into future work that I enjoy, such as the cohesion of this group and the spirited effort they put forth. With the production value and repetition of these tracks, it is worth a listen just to enjoy the potential.

3 / 10









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"Desert Warrior" Track-listing:

1. Desert Warrior
2. Eat Me Alive
3. Evil Wins
4. Power of the Pyramids

Sandstorm Lineup:

Reptile Anderson - Bass/Vocals
P.J. "The Butcher" La Griffe - Drums
Stevie "Broke" Whiteless - Guitar/Vocals

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