Black Reign


Pulverised Records has unleashed some more than decent releases and I was looking forward to […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 7, 2009
Sanctification - Black Reign album cover

Pulverised Records has unleashed some more than decent releases and I was looking forward to receive the next album by them. The time has come and the brand new album by Swedish metallers SANCTIFICATION has fallen right into my hands. Reading the promo sheet I found some really interesting stuff and I quickly placed the CD where it belongs, in my CD player!

Formed in 2001, the band has already managed to go through many line up changes. The interesting stuff is that the band's current and former members are currently in bands that are doing really good in the Metal scene (AEON, IN BATTLE, DARK FUNERAL). Let me add here that Kristoffer Hell is no longer a member of the band and he has been replaced by the one and only Magnus Broberg (known as Emperor Magus Caligula playing with DARK FUNERAL).

Black Reign, the band's sophomore full-length effort, is an album full of relentless Death Metal which combines the melody of the Swedish old school scene with the insane brutality of the US one. While listening to this album you will come across elements that may remind you of bands like MORBID ANGEL, ZYKLON, HATE ETERNAL, AEON and more. Their sound's diversity is one thing, but having your album recorded, mixed and mastered by the Tagtgren brothers, while having Peter and Emperor Magus Caligula doing guest vocals is surely one more great addition!

The guitars actually kill, since Tomas and Marcus seem to collaborate well together. The rhythmic riffs with the schizophrenic melodies on top sound like a soundtrack for a serial killer and the solid as fuck rhythm section is supporting the music great. I guess that it is not what someone would call a top Death Metal album, but I am damn sure that it is something someone would call a fucking great album for his/her collection. Check them out!

7 / 10


"Black Reign" Track-listing:

Thirst For Blood
Black Reign
Hear This
Dead Forever
Flesh, Bone And Skin
Trucido Christianese

Sanctification Lineup:

Kristoffer Hell - Vocals, Bass
Tomas Elofsson - Guitar
Marcus Edvardsson - Guitar
Nils Fjellstrom - Session Drums

Guest Musicians:
Peter Tagtgren - Vocals
Emperor Magus Caligula - Vocals

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