Samskaras are from Indian philosophy and religion and are memories and thought impressions.  Lithification is […]
October 28, 2018
Samskaras - Lithification album cover

Samskaras are from Indian philosophy and religion and are memories and thought impressions.  Lithification is a geological process where rock is formed through pressure and heat.  SAMSKARAS are a duet from Montreal, Quebec that formed in 2014 and specialize in a sound that could be called Atmospheric Technical Death Metal because of the band's dabbling in many elements to wow the listener. The first track, "Reconciliation," erases any doubt or trepidation going in as it serves as a mini blue print for the band's sound.  It flows between a technical feel such as from a GORGUTS perspective, a brutal groove, and some more angular parts saved for the finale.  Besides having read a bit about the band while this played, I was previously unfamiliar with them.  This is a lot of music for only two people.  There is a level of catchiness pervading throughout, something often overlooked by other technical bands.  The last part of the song is the finale.  The intensity is increased with a velocity that mirrors the best HATE ETERNAL moments if played by "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"-era EMPEROR.

The final song, "À Deux Mains," is definitely the highlight of this record.  From one end of the spectrum of Extreme Metal to the other, variety is the secret ingredient.  This is a sound to cultivate fans across the genre. Instrumentally, each piece is given the necessary attention by the mix, not just in volume, but also in tone.  This equals a bass sound given equal love and care.  Thus, a spot light is shined on the interesting way Burnet interweaves the bottom clef notes between his impressive library of guitar chords and shapes.  The drums slam with the requisite amount of boom and attack as they keep thing interesting throughout.  The guitar tone is comparable to that of many sides of Extreme Metal; however, the way in which it is captured and represented on the record gives it the necessary oxygen to become truly alive.  There is almost always a mixture of many different elements, cleans and leads, and rhythmic ideas off-setting each other.  Vocally, this is less Death Metal and more similar to Randy Blythe at moments.  There is definitely a protracted aggression that runs throughout the four songs.

It is hard to believe this band is not signed, but the music industry is a different animal these days.  I remember an insightful interview I did with another Canadian, Devin Townsend, who said that it makes sense to control your own catalog if by simply reaping higher profit margins per unit.  Going into this record blind produced good results, and it is hard not to enjoy a band paying tribute to so many facets of the underground, effectively assembling a sound all their own.  The future is certainly looking bright for SAMSKARAS.

7 / 10









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"Lithification" Track-listing:

1. Reconciliation
2. As Warriors
3. Alignment
4. À Deux Mains

Samskaras Lineup:

Eric Burnet - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Alexandre Dupras- Drums

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