W imię bogów


From Warsaw, Poland comes Pagan Blackened Death Metal band, SALTUS. Before we start, the band […]
By Laura Cosheril
December 15, 2015
Saltus - W imię bogów album cover

From Warsaw, Poland comes Pagan Blackened Death Metal band, SALTUS. Before we start, the band have been around since 1997, and have since then, released thirteen records (only two of which have been full-length albums). Most of these releases are splits and demos. If you don't want to listen to thirteen albums to find their best and most listenable tracks; fear not, SALTUS have heard your plea and have just released this nine track compilation album, "W imię bogów".

Right from the get go, it's clear that SALTUS really know what they're doing. They channel their inner Pagans and give us music that is both dark, haunting and spellbinding. At this point it really raises the question as to why this band have not broken their "EP Days" and made it out to play with the big boys (and girls). As the album goes on, I begin to get an understanding of why they haven't. While their sound is never "bad", per se, it is not consistent. It feels as though they have been together for 18 years but have not found their true sound. The first half of the album sounds completely different to the second half, but to the untrained Black Metal ear, they would not; which raises a few questions.

One thing that is truly admirable about this release, and SALTUS in general, is they write in their native tongue about Slavic folklore. I absolutely adore folklore, if only I knew what they were saying, that would be great! But having said that, I can appreciate it all the same.

I said previously that the sound on this album is not consistent. As the album draws to a close, you realise that it's not actually a bad thing. SALTUS stay true to their roots, yet do not stick to the confines of the Blackened Death Metal genre. "W imię bogów" has the ability to attract listeners from across Metal as a whole, from Folk Metal fans to Melodic Metal fans, this album can appeal to anyone.

While this album isn't bad by any means, it is an acquired taste. I think if SALTUS were to push themselves just that little bit harder, I believe they could really be ones to watch out for and could rival even BEHEMOTH themselves. But for now, it reeks of only 70% effort.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"W imię bogów" Track-listing:

1. W imię bogów
2. Na śmierć ku przeznaczeniu życia
3. Gdy bogowie światem rządzili
4. Chyląc czoło ku przeszłości
5. Twoja krew
6. Perunie prowadź
7. Imperium słońca
8. Blask chwały orlej
9. Wielki las

Saltus Lineup:

Scream - Guitar, Vocals
Bithorn - Bass
Imp - Drums

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