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SAINT DEAMON is releasing a comeback album nearly a decade in the making. Formed in […]
By Rachel Montgomery
August 26, 2019
Saint Deamon - Ghost album cover

SAINT DEAMON is releasing a comeback album nearly a decade in the making. Formed in 2006 by former DIONYSUS and HIGHLAND GLORY members, the band combines elements from Pirate, traditional Power and Symphonic Metal to create a rocking sound with some progressive elements thrown in.

"Captain Saint D" screams Pirate Metal from the opening: pounding drums, giving way to whistling and seaside ambiance. And with the clear vocals singing lyrics of setting sail for treasure, it sure is pirate-y. The vocalist sounds nice but strained in the upper range. The guitar solo is a nice, simple melody, bringing the focus on the drums and ambient elements. It's a really nice opener and I would love to hear it live.

"Call My Name" starts off slower, picking up into some Thrash elements after 35 seconds. It wastes no time going into the verse, accompanied by a signature machine-gun riff and galloping drums. The chorus slows, then goes into a soaring melody. The short, high-octane guitar solo is a nice touch before the song slows again, building up to a last hurrah. Different from the first song, it's a solid second track which keeps me invested in the rest of the album.

"Return of the Daemons" builds up with a Thrash riff, starting soft, then exploding into pounding drums and intensity. Honestly, I'm not as much of a fan of this one; it's a typical speed song to me and while it has some nice melodic and choral elements, it doesn't stand out much to me. I enjoyed the slow-down near the end of the chorus to break up the monotony.

"Ghost" starts off with an intricate guitar line and a soft verse, contrasting with the rest of the high-powered album thus far. The march elements in the refrain are a nice touch, something I haven't heard on this album yet. I love how it builds up through the song, adding harmonies and building in intensity as the song goes on. Since the song goes on for over seven minutes, any bit of variety is appreciated to keep the song fresh throughout. I feel it gets a little monotonous in the middle, but it's remedied by some intensity and a melody change in the guitar solo.

"Ghost Limelight Dreams" has a detailed melody that soars along into a more standard riff. The verse is fist-pumping and I love the melody line throughout the song. I love the intensity in the chorus and the soaring elements. The guitar solo has some nice sweeps in with longer notes, giving it a nice variety. It's a great song, and it's my favorite so far.

"Hell's Calling" starts out high and intense. Apart from pitchiness in the upper register, the vocals are smooth here and can be wonderful in places. I love the piano break before the second verse. The melody in the instrumentals is interesting and ethereal before it breaks into a bombastic fray of guitars and pounding drums, with a lot of sweeps thrown in for good measure. It's a lovely instrumental piece in itself and the song is worth it just for this break.

"Earth Is Alive" has some great melodies in a more '80s-stylized song. I love how the vocals soar through the song's gritty riff. It's not as varied, nor does it contain as many notable tricks and treats, but it's a solid, simple song that's enjoyable. The highlight is in the complete tonal shift in the outro, from a hard-rocking song to a softer, ambient guitar line that catches you off guard before rocking into the solo. It's a great touch.

"Land of Gold" starts out with a more amplified, symphonic beginning, featuring galloping guitars. Like the last song, it's standard fare for the genre but a good song. I enjoyed the bombastic chorus, as well as some buried sweeps and drum rolls here and there through the song, giving it some character. The melody change into an accordion-waltz in the refrain is an interesting touch, and keeps the song engaging through its six-minute run time.

"Higher" employs some subtle elements, such as a harmonic chorus, some broken chords embedded in the verses, and an ironic lower melody that grows lighter and higher through the guitar solo. The solo itself employs some tuned-down high-pitched sweeps, going into a higher key for the final chorus. The song gives a feeling of struggle rather than an expected soaring quality.

"Somewhere Far Beyond" begins with some ominous, low bass notes juxtaposed against lighter, broken guitar chords. The vocals begin discordantly, but when the melody takes over halfway through the first verse, it comes together. I like the climb to the chorus through the verses, and the sweeps in the back of the end of the second verse.

"The Exodus (Part II)" is an intro invoking a desert scene, leading us into "Journey Through the Stars." The intro sets up some nice ambiance for what otherwise would've sounded like a standard Metal song through the first verse. The full song incorporates the same desert ambiance, especially through the second verse. It becomes more characterized as it goes on, but I have to question whether they needed to be separate songs.

"Break the Sky" starts out with some majestic horns and symphonic work. The vocals start out high and clear, setting this song up to be uplifting. The song soars through the verses until it slows at the refrain, employing rain sounds and a slow melody to bring us from a soaring melody to the brink of defeat, then to triumph with a crashing, hard-hitting guitar solo. It keeps the pace well, but I'd argue it does this better at the end of the song.

The closing track, "Resurrection" is a short one and functions more as an outro. The music is beautiful, featuring a cello and some wonderful, harmonizing strings and woodwinds. Finally, it ends with some drums and the sound of footprints walking away.

Overall, it's a great album with some interesting elements throughout. A wild ride of variety and nuanced musical tricks, it's a treat for new listeners and fans who have been anticipating the comeback.

10 / 10









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"Ghost" Track-listing:

1. Captain Saint D
2. Call My Name
3. Return of the Deamons
4. Ghost
5. Limelight Dreams
6. Hell's Calling
7. Earth Is Alive
8. Land of Gold
9. Higher
10. Somewhere Far Beyond
11. The Exodus (Part II)
12. Journey Through the Stars
13. Break the Sky
14. Resurrection

Saint Deamon Lineup:

Jan Thore Grefstad - Vocals
Toya Johansson - Guitars
Magnus "Nobby" Noberg - Bass
Jarle Byberg - Drums

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