Sand In Your Hands

Sahara Rain

Now this is an interesting album by a Swiss band knowing how to mix many […]
By Grigoris Chronis
January 18, 2010
Sahara Rain - Sand In Your Hands album cover

Now this is an interesting album by a Swiss band knowing how to mix many aspects of what melodic Hard Rock music is about. 'SAHARA RAIN' is a fine intriguing name by itself, and listening to the band's "Sand In Your Hands" proved to be a comfortable experience, something that's not usual in our days since the vast majority of releases lately seem to focus on predictable patterns or blind beliefs regarding a song's potential(s). SAHARA RAIN can surely ask for even more gradually; "Sand In Your Hands" - if that's their first album - is a good beginning, a very good one.

The cover artwork (even if kinda amateur in its drawing format) is exotic, mystique and an adequate carpet for some solid music performed by musicians not familiar as names but rather confident in the 'know how' area of their skills. Nearly none of the ten tracks inside this album is similar to another, while you'll have a tough time trying to find typical elements from start to finish in each track. The style of SAHARA RAIN is quite personal, with enough oriental references while their European identity is easily unveiled by an experienced ear. The band sees a serious work in building up layers of melodies backed by an efficient rhythm section; intros, intermezzos and outros - in general - are served in many of the album's songs and the general idea of showcasing some smart yet simple guitar leads is a winner in the CD.

The voice of Ricci is another 'plus' for the band; he uses his throat's warmth not only as a piece of maturity but also as a weapon of narration for the listener to get attached to. His voice, plus a brief comparison for the band's taste in general, is linked to the likes of TEN, RAIN, (sophisticated) BON JOVI or GOTTHARD, while samples of neoclassical parts are evident too, without though leading to safe conclusions regarding SAHARA RAIN's influence in this topic (RAINBOW? DIO? Y. Malmsteen? Uli Jon Roth?). The production is calm yet solid for a self-financed effort; no bombastic fills are included but - in addition - no cheesy moments will you drag from in here. "Sand In Your Hands" is an album showing ample class; still, hardrockers looking for some more dynamic stuff may end up being quite bored listening to this 10-track CD and that's quite reasonable to be honest.

The atmosphere is warm, the musicianship is excellent, you'll really enjoy owning this album if sharing the same options offered above. Not to forget: Michael Bormann (JADED HEART, RAIN, BLOODBOUND) has produced this album and offers back-up vocals and songwriting credits. Would like to see SAHARA RAIN inking deal with some serious label in the near future since they truly deserve so.

7 / 10


"Sand In Your Hands" Track-listing:
  1. Feels Like
  2. Black Gold
  3. Jungle
  4. Higher Sky
  5. The Dance
  6. Shadow
  7. Center Of Pain
  8. Blinded Eyes
  9. Be The Man You Are
  10. With These Hands
Sahara Rain Lineup:

Ricci - Vocals
Dave Silhanek - Guitar
Adrian Honegger - Guitar
Levent Sunu - Drums
Boet De Haas - Bass
Bo Rebsamen - Keyboards

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