The Enigma, Boundless

Sadistic Ritual

Nothing fancy but definitely something for the diehard fans of the genre. The Atlanta base […]
By Horatiu Ghibu
June 17, 2022
Sadistic Ritual - The Enigma

Nothing fancy but definitely something for the diehard fans of the genre. The Atlanta base quintet are really gonna thrash your brain. Fast, sweaty, raw: this is what SADISTIC RITUAL's "The Enigma, Boundless" sounds like. Old school SEPULTURA and KREATOR lovers will dig this release. Even the cover art work is designed reminiscent of that period (late 80's, early 90's).

If you thought the opener ("End of All Roads") was fast wait until you get to the second track "And you". You're gonna feel like you want to enter the mosh pit right away? But hey, you're in your room, probably working from home. So better get a hold of yourself and pray that you last through this record without breaking something. "Dire Avidity" really sets the mood. You'll find a nice touch of death metal on this record. Too bad the vocals get lost in the background. But this might be a certain characteristic of American productions compared to European ones. Especially eastern ones where the vocals are pushed in front. Moving on, "Murmur" changes the whole pace: time for the slo mo headbanging. Nice to see this American group doesn't have a one track mind. This track has its roots in MERCYFUL FATE, cheers to KING DIAMOND.  Riffs are ripping further track by track and "Maelstrom of Consciousness" is clearly a tribute to "Stream of Consciousness". It's nice to see that the guitar tones are set to treble and mids more specific to heavy metal, but this gives this product a distinct sound. Aren't we all tired of the down tuning/extra low syndrome? This is a refreshing approach, though nothing original about.

Nothing much to say with "Area Denial" and "The Blood of Memory", both starting in such an 80's fade in kinda way. These guys want to prove they still got it and do not disappoint with "Raving Voyeurism". Pedal is pressed to the metal. Full speed ahead captain! As mentioned before, I can understand where the band wants to position themselves, but a more professional production would have made a huge difference. The song that names this album, "The Enigma Boundless" , has been chosen to also be the closing track. I can already see why. SADISTIC RITUAL want to leave an impression. Not necessarily the best track, but you can feel the band is trying to give all it has to give. It's probably a bit of all the stuff you can hear on this record.

This would be a premium thrash record if the mixes were a bit better. The gang just seems to overdo it at certain points during the songs and the result is pure overkill. Definitely fun, or so I hope, to experience live. Worth a spin if in the right mood!

7 / 10









"The Enigma, Boundless" Track-listing:

1. End of All Roads
2. And You
3. Dire Avidity
4. Murmur
5. Maelstrom of Consciousness
6. Area Denial
7. The Blood of Memory
8. Raving Voyeurism
9. Enigma, Boundless

Sadistic Ritual Lineup:

Charlie Southern - Guitar, Vocals
Alex Parra - Guitar
LaMar George - Bass
Joe Sweat - Drums

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