Chapter II - The Deal

Sad Iron

SAD IRON is a veteran Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands. They have been playing […]
By John Paul Romero
July 23, 2019
Sad Iron - Chapter II - The Deal album cover

SAD IRON is a veteran Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands. They have been playing metal for four decades now since their formation in 1979. Like many other bands out there, SAD IRON has gone through so many ups and downs and even through crazy unexpected turn of events. They are one of the earliest (and possibly the very first) Speed Metal band out of Netherlands but they were only able to release two full-length records from 1979 to 2016. Their debut "Total Damnation" was released early in their career, but the supposed to be follow-up in 1985 entitled "The Antichrist" was buried in a grave of complications with various record labels and was only able to hit the market in 2016. And now, just three years after the sophomore release, they will be backing it up with their third full-length album called "Chapter II - The Deal".

The album has ten tracks, having a total play time of 46 minutes. The album has a good hybrid sound of Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal. It has the speed and attitude of thrash accompanied by riffs inspired by bands like MOTORHEAD, RAVEN, and even some "Kill 'Em All" era METALLICA chops. What's really noticeable is the vintage sound of the album. The riffs are simple but sharp, the bass is thunderous, the drum patterns are strong and very rhythmic, and most of all, Marc van den Bos' vocal delivery is very old school with his mostly clean-partly gritty voice. Lyric wise, still old school.

The songs have themes about metal, good ol' violence, and simply, having good time. In terms of production, it is simply excellent. They have created a blend of sound that fits perfectly depict vintage Heavy Metal without really having to sound as if it was recorded in a garage. Also, you must notice how perfectly balanced the volumes are. But what could put down the album's rating is memorability. It has all the right ingredients it needs, except for one: the catchy tunes and sing-along choruses. It was energy filled and dynamic but nothing really remains in your head after some listens. But despite that, it is very easy to say that this album is more than just a decent release. A blast from the past!

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Chapter II - The Deal" Track-listing:

1. The Deal (The Story of Miss Betty)
2. Revolution
3. Raise Hell
4. Warmonger
5. Now It's Dark
6. Fighting For Revenge
7. F.O.B. (Fuck Off, Bitch)
8. Murder of Crows
9. Weaponized
10. We Play to Kill 2019

Sad Iron Lineup:

Marc van den Bos - Guitars, Vocals
Bernard Rive - Guitars
Bjorn Hylkema - Bass
Marco Prij - Drums

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