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SAD DOLLS...oh my DOG!!! Why In chocolate's name would someone choose such a name for […]
By Dimitris Karametros
February 20, 2010
Sad Dolls - About Darkness album cover

SAD DOLLS...oh my DOG!!! Why In chocolate's name would someone choose such a name for a Gothic band, and demands to be taken seriously? Why in chocolate's name do I have to listen to a band that (I was informed) begun as a cover band for H.I.M.? De Feis's sword vibrates in its scabbard next to me and demands I go "Noble Savage" on them but...I gulp and put the CD in my sound system. Well, things went better than I have expected and - guess what - I can say I even liked some of the songs.

Second album for SAD DOLLS; first full length recording after the self released "Dead In The Dollhouse" EP. Let's go song-by-song to see what pears our sack did catch:

"Space Lonliness" (intro): a very good start with a close to classical gothic tune and a deep vocal "vileness", this could be the intro of a more experienced gothic band.
"Bleed All I Can": there is a nice vocal trick that made the voice sound deeper and with a distance, very good. I hated the H.I.M. undertone, the guitar outbursts in the end and gives us a great solo in an otherwise uninterested song.
"Misery": a pure gothic song that could become a classic for this band. You can find the same mood in older gothic bands, very good, catchy chorus too.
"Life Equals Zero": this song has a deeper "Nephilim" voice that saves the song, the gothic sound continues to be at a very good level and the band know how to play, the lyrics are still too simple but again the second solo is amazing here too and the synths at the end after the guitar solo, combined with the drums, are amazing.
"Watch Me Crawl Behind": has nice gothic lyrics, at last something with loss, misery, love and overall pain, sounds a little like LOVE LIKE BLOOD. Another song that could become a classic if it wasn't again for that H.I.M. undertone for which I could kill to have it erased.

"In Your Lies": Pass, or listen to it just for the sweet female background vocals, oh Hell just pass.

"Hopes": H.I.M. pass, boring...I have to buy me a PS3 I need to play Darksiders, Star Ocean and the new Final Fantasy. Dante's Inferno looks also nice.
"Death Is Your Name": the worst song in the album. Pass, delete or whatever, I lack of a good RPG group I got stuck up in Runes Of Magic MMORPG to sate my RPG needs, very good game.
"Dawn Of Love": now that is a good song and stopped me from browsing PS3 prices at E-Bay. The song has a nice gothic mood filled with tragedy and has an intelligent vocal game with the low, high pitched vocals that add something evil to the whole song, still rest of the band's plays very good.
"Evil One": an up tempo gothic tune, vocals are very good still lyrics are WEAK...how many times have I written this word.
"Mistress Goodnight": the lyrical repetition spoils the other good songs.
"Don't Say Goodbye"" ZZZZzzzzZZzzzZZzzzzzzz...

Beat H.I.M. out of your system, choose less "cheesy" song titles and lyrics, you have the ability to become an amazing gothic band...oh yes also lose the stupid names and the eyeliner you want to look dark not...you get my drift. Other than that...just try more.

If you are fans of H.I.M you should stop reading this Mag or ignore me as I do to you, buy this album you might find it great. Those that hoped that Greek gothic scene got a second wind will remain with the forlorn hope of nothingness, unless this guys do all the above. But hope is for pussies. With extreme prejudice the below grade...

5 / 10


"About Darkness" Track-listing:
  1. Space Loneliness (Intro)
  2. Bleed All I Can
  3. Misery
  4. Life Equals Zero
  5. Watch Me Crawl Behind
  6. In Your Lies
  7. Hopes
  8. Death Is Your Name
  9. Dawn Of Love
  10. Evil One
  11. Mistress Goodnight
  12. Don't Say Goodbye
Sad Dolls Lineup:

George Downloved - Vocals
Paul Evilrose - Guitars
Daniel Aven - Guitars
Miltos Demonized - Bass
M Teo - Synths
Darroc - Drums

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