Crush Under Concrete

Sad Company

Adding another new band to the scene, SAD COMPANY brings out their first EP, "Crush […]
By Isha Shah
March 1, 2015
Sad Company - Crush Under Concrete album cover

Adding another new band to the scene, SAD COMPANY brings out their first EP, "Crush Under Concrete". Its brutal title justified the music within the short four-tracked record. The Finish five-piece are in the mist of creating a brand new record later this year, until then they have released a teaser of tracks to lure you in.

Creating a very menacing intro to the EP, "Pathetic Fool" leaks its way in with a thrashing guitar riff that is soon joined by a full on Hard Rock rebel tone. The band clearly has an established sound in such early days of their carer, swaying for a classical sound rather than performing another generic outlet.

"The Art of Manipulation" is a catchy track along, with its hooking beats and deeper tones, the band have produced a dated set of tracks which don't quite fit in with todays era of sounds, however the appeal would date to an older audience. SAD COMPANY seem to keep it simple and basic, with no tracks diving into a tedious guitar solo or breakdown of any sort.  However the songs do mix things up, with a short bridge that is purely instrumental and reverting in every aspect.

Producing an EP that flows evenly to the next is something to congratulate the band on as "Martyr" starts before we even notice. With a more stable pace the album is pretty relaxed with no fast pace rhythms that set you off guard but an eased tone that broadens its audience.

However "Crush Under Concrete" just seems to lack creativity and depth to the EP, as the tracks are equal in pitch and do not vary in detail. I guess we could expect to hear more thriving bashes in their next release?<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Crush Under Concrete" Track-listing:

1. Pathetic Fool
2. The Art of Manipulation
3. Martyr
4. Panic

Sad Company Lineup:


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