Ok, we all know the story behind Metal Mind's re-releases. Each time we have a […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 26, 2008
Sacrum - Darkstricken album cover

Ok, we all know the story behind Metal Mind's re-releases. Each time we have a Polish Metal band with an album that was released as part of a Polish Metal magazine and now it is officially released for the first time through the Polish label. Let's move on.

The Polish metallers SACRUM have been active since 1991 and have several releases under their belt. Darkstricken, which is the album that interests us right now was initially released by Empire Records as part of a magazine and Metal Mind Productions decided to re-release it.

First of all let me say that as always there are no extra stuff in this re-release. It is just that the world has finally the chance to lay hands on this release. Yeah, who cares...?

SACRUM's music is a mixture between Death and Doom Metal with many influences from bands like MOONSPELL, OPETH, ANATHEMA and ARCTURUS, but I can't say that I found many things that could attract my attention. First of all, the guy's clean vocals really need some improvement. We all know that brutal vocals are not that hard, but what about clean melodic ones?

The mid paced rhythms with sow guitars are definitely things I have heard before from many bands and to tell you the truth, many bands can do it better. Not that SACRUM are bad, but I personally believe they have to work a bit harder. The sound is also not exactly what I expected, since this kind of music requires more heaviness and clean sound. Anyway, if you are a die hard fan of this music, you may find it more interesting than I did. For the rest of you, better go find something else.

5 / 10


"Darkstricken" Track-listing:

Enter The Darkstricken
Make My Day
The Shrine Falling
Human Error
The Ones Without A Name
Evil Dreams
Scarred Beneath The Skin
The Innocent Tears
Fear Of The Unknown
Dark Festivity

Sacrum Lineup:

Olaf Rozanski - Vocals
Maciej Mierzwa - Guitar
Krzysztof Siryk - Guitar
Lukasz Forystek - Bass
Pawel Szarowicz - Drums
Mariusz Szostek - Keyboards

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