Beneath The Realms Of Madness (Reissue)


The 1985 thrash album "Beneath The Realms Of Madness" was the debut album for UK […]
By Sgt Slayer 666
December 26, 2015
Sacrilege - Beneath The Realms Of Madness (Reissue) album cover

The 1985 thrash album "Beneath The Realms Of Madness" was the debut album for UK thrashers SACRILEGE and it has now been reissued by Relapse Records on vinyl and all other formats.

The release includes 7 bonus tracks; there are 2 new tracks "The Feed" and "Dig Your Own Grave" which are the first new recordings in 25 years from this band. Also included are 3 Demos for the tracks "The Captive", "Flight Of The Nazgul" and "Sight Of The Wise". Finishing off this reissue edition is 2 live tracks "The Closing Irony" and "Bloodrun".

There are still plenty of elements of their punk lineage in this package and is a good lesson in hardcore basics for those prepared to spend some time with the album. They went on to more thrash orientated albums but as for this debut it was where their roots were.

Some of the lyrics and song titles are Tolkien based which in itself is quite interesting but if you see Tolkien's books as the allegory the they are suggested that they then you will see the subject matter is still very relevant today. Generally though it revolves around the traditional death and destruction which metal was known for in those days.

"Feed" the first of the new tracks bring their sound into the current era and it is "classic" Thrash Metal. Lynda Simpson has lost none of her snarling terror in her voice the banshee scream that curdles your blood. "Dig Your Own Grave" the second of the new ones is just as brutal with no let up from punk thrash that they are known for.

This is a great album to listen to which will take you back to the early days of metal. They are writing a new album so keep your eyes out for it because it will surely be worth checking out.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Beneath The Realms Of Madness (Reissue)" Track-listing:

1. Lifeline
2. Shadow From Mordor
3. At Deaths Door
4. Violation Of Something Sacred
5. The Closing Irony
6. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
7. The Captive(1986 Demo)
8. Flight Of The Nazgul (1986 Demo)
9. Sight Of The Wise (1986 Demo)
10. Feed (2015)
11. Dig Your Own Grave (2015)
12 The Closing Irony (live)
12. Bloodrun (Live)

Sacrilege Lineup:

Lynda "Tam" Simpson - Vocals
Damian Thompson - Guitar
Frank Healy - Bass
Spike T. Smith - Drums

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