SACRIFICIUM is a Melodic Death Metal band based in Germany, and formed in 1993. It […]
Sacrificium - Oblivion album cover

SACRIFICIUM is a Melodic Death Metal band based in Germany, and formed in 1993. It wasn't until nearly ten years later before their first full-length was released, followed by two others. Ten long years past, and now we have "Oblivion," which contains ten songs. "Annihilated" is the first. It begins with a thick sound that is soon overrun with wild aggressive drumming and vocals. The attack is relentless, and I don't think there will be any clean elements here, although the background is nicely filled. "Martryium" is a shorter song, but no less vile. The beast goes right for your throat and doesn't less its grip until you draw your last breath.

"From Above" has a short lead in before the blows start reigning down on your head, in double time, and do not let up until you are beaten to a bloody pulp. "Where All Prayers Fail" is a doleful and solemn song in the beginning, as the title suggests. Dual harmonic leads take over, and push the hopeless sound forward. I like this diversion on the album. "Decadence Reigns" has some electronica in the beginning, creating this spacey sound, but is still very punishing. It almost has an Industrial quality to it...sterile and unsettling in that regard.

"Cohorts of Oblivion" is another go-for-the-throat song. The vocals are vile and guttural at times, while the music takes no prisoners. Melodic, harmonized guitars come in but are short lived. "Death from Within" has another slow, acoustic lead-in, but the aggressive sound comes blasting in. From the title, the song could go either way. The dread inside you grows until you get angry about it and last out. The leads are fantastic in this song as well. "Written in My Scars" closes the album. It has a nice mixture of melody and crushing weight. The melody in the chorus helps to temper the punishing sections in the verses. It's a quintessential Melo Death song in that regard.

In many ways, this album is the modern representation of the genre which was created decades ago. There is great musicianship within the seeming chaos, and a well-though out approach to songwriting. Although the main sound is indeed Death Metal, there are enough supporting elements of diversity to keep it from being white washed in Death Metal. I commend their courageous approach in this regard.

8 / 10









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"Oblivion" Track-listing:

1. Annihilated
2. Martyrium
3. From Above
4. Born Guilty
5. Where All Prayers Fail
6. Eye for an Eye
7. Decadence Reigns
8. Cohorts of Oblivion
9. Death from Within
10. Written in My Scars

Sacrificium Lineup:

Claudio A. Enzler - Guitars, Vocals
Ulrike Uhlmann - Guitars, Bass
Wolfgang Nillies - Guitars
Frederik Berger - Guitars
Martin Epp - Drums

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