...'Till Death Do Us Part (Live In Germany)

Sacred Oath

With releases like this it's not weird wondering who will buy this one?. There's literally […]
By Grigoris Chronis
October 23, 2008
Sacred Oath - ...'Till Death Do Us Part (Live In Germany) album cover

With releases like this it's not weird wondering who will buy this one?. There's literally hundreds of CDs being issued each month by tons of bands; it's the 'digital' era, where everyone can release an album. Pitty is many who'll read a review/Press release/news 'bout SACRED OATH will probably thing that's another band of newbies. Still you have to go back to 1984 for a certificate of birth.
If you google SACRED OATH A Crystal Vision and read carefully, most common word you may find will actually be 'cult'. Indeed, when the Connecticut-based quartet released its first LP (after three demo attempts) in 1987, A Crystal Vision was hailed as one of the most passionate US Power Metal albums till that time. Today, the album's considered a rare gem if US Metal, the original vinyl copy of which can turn up for a respected amount for money (initially released via Mercenary Records, in 1999 to be reissued on CD via Sentinel Steel with four bonus tracks). OK, money does not speak for value but - as long as you dig 80s US Metal - A Crystal Vision will surpass any expectations you may have regarding this top-class act.
Bearing in mind 2005's A Crystal Revision was nothing more than a re-recording of the 1987 opus, it was twenty years later that a new album entitled Darkness Visible hit the stores featuring new SACRED OATH music. Still guided by the neat mind of Rob Thorne, SACRED OATH now delivers a live album, recorded during their headlining night at Germany's Keep It True festival in November 2007. From the audio side, I have to admit things are great, since the sound is crystal clear, the volume is apparent and the mix fits like a glove. But, what about the band themselves?
I was blown away by their performance; Thorne's vocals are still impressive, a mix of Rob Halford, early Geoff Tate and Tom Mallicoat (LETHAL). Apart from the high-frequency screams he does a helluva job in more theatric parts, too. Really, would not imagine his throat still carries the spark. He is backed by a set of wonderful musicians, with Kenny Evans exsiting from the 1987 lineup. The performance is neat, solid and in-your-face. There's some appetite for US Metal in the output sound, you can't neglect this.
The songlist comprises of nearly the whole A Crystal Vision album, plus tunes from 2007's Darkness Visible CD. OK, from what I hear this album's a 'must' for SACRED OATH lovers. 80s Heavy Metal the American way with pounding, razor riffs, countless leads/duals, epic vocals, marching tempos. The tradition of JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN and MERCYFUL FATE and RAINBOW, transferred with much of efficiency and less of prophecy. As for the A Crystal Vision takes? The guys perform as if the album's issued a month ago. I can imagine the fans' faces...This album's exceptional for fans of early QUEENSRYCHE, ATTACKER, LETHAL and early FATES WARNING.
Just imagine this is some kind of honesty: a band from the past, a blast in present time, SACRED OATH's still around and ...'Till Death Do Us Part becomes a 'high priority' purchase as soon as possible. If that's all unknown to you, then just let the old dog mumbling around. I accept the fact all you were ever informed from the 80s was twenty bands maximum.
I only wished there were many 'new' bands performing Metal music with such passion...

P.S.: There's a bonus video clip in the disc, for Words Upon The Stone. Have mercy...it's great.

8 / 10


"...'Till Death Do Us Part (Live In Germany)" Track-listing:

Two Powers
The Omen
A Crystal Vision
Queen Of The Night
Magick Son
Words Upon The Stone
The Ferryman's Lair
Battle Cry
Rising From The Grave

Sacred Oath Lineup:

Rob Thorne - Vocals, Guitars
Kenny Evans - Drums
Bill Smith - Guitars
Scott Waite - Drums

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