Column Of Skulls


Formed in Germany is 2006, SABEINDAS is a self-proclaimed "stylistic bastard", firmly rooted in the […]
By Joshua Cummins
December 31, 2015
Sabiendas - Column Of Skulls album cover

Formed in Germany is 2006, SABEINDAS is a self-proclaimed "stylistic bastard", firmly rooted in the roots of old school American death metal. With their latest release "Column of Skulls" SABIENDAS proves they have the ability and skill to become a real juggernaut in the death metal scene.

Released in 2015 as a follow up to their first full length album "Restored to Life", "Column Of Skulls" is 45 minutes of pure, unadulterated, old school death metal straight out of the 90's. The mid to late 90's influence is very prominent in the groups stylings, with a style vaguely reminiscent of old MORBID ANGEL mixed with CANNIBAL CORPSE with "Nathan Explosion" on vocals. Straight forward, almost thrashy guitar riffs and breakdowns, accompanied by a deep yet still grooving bass line, put together with a super-fast, and super-tight drummer all come together to form what is one of the best death metal albums I have heard in a long time. The band as a unit is very tight, and very technically sound, without being overly complex. Where some would prefer a fine red wine SABIENDAS is in contrast a cheap bottle of whiskey. Straight forward metal that gets to the point. An assault to the senses that leaves the listener wanting to either start a circle pit in their living room or punch their neighbor in the face repeatedly.

The titular track, "Column of Skulls" comes in at five and half minutes in length. Starting with an almost churchesque organ intro, with an assaulting drum build-up in the background that culminates in a super thrashy breakdown. Accompanied by the growling, deep vocals of "Jan Edel", this is by far my favourite song on the album.

"Column of Skulls" is available now through Bret Hard Records. Go out and get yourself a dose of some old school death metal.


9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Column Of Skulls" Track-listing:

1. Intro
2. Worse Than Death
3. The Art Of Leng Tch'e
4. Ascending The Scaffold
5. Cabrón Hijo De Puta
6. Column Of Skulls
7. The Castle
8. Harbinger Of War
9. Excrements Of The Behemoth
10. March Of The Lansquenets

Sabiendas Lineup:

Christian Eichberger - Guitars
Jan Edel - Vocals (Lead)
Alexandra - Guitars, Vocals (Backing)
F.T. - Bass
Toni Merkel - Drums

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