If you've ever wondered what would happen if you put METALLICA and PANTERA in the […]
By Julius "Dreadheart" Mikkela
April 10, 2014
S7N - Fearless album cover

If you've ever wondered what would happen if you put METALLICA and PANTERA in the same room and asked them to record an album, wonder no further and take Mexico's S7N's 2013 debut album "Fearless" for a spin.

Following an (un)apologetic cough on the opening track "Enemies", the album kicks off with a blast-from-the-past sensation that, like the album's tempo, never quiets down and never settles for anything less than the listener's total attention and admiration (except for a short session on the track "Sins", that if anything only helps solidify the album's all-out assault). The influences are clear and, in a tribute-like fashion, unapologetic: This is the bastard child of the 80's American Thrash, and it's here to claim its inheritance with a kind of vigor and attitude that is rarely heard in modern Metal. And unlike many other debut albums, "Fearless" is not only well-written but also well-produced, which is even more impressive when you take in that the band was unsigned at the time of recording.

From beginning to end, every song is written and performed with a careful(read: relentless) mix of headbang-worthy riffs, song-enhancing(as opposed to song-demanding) solos, and choruses that inspire the vocal chords to scream at the sky. This is most clear on the album highlights "Blackout" and "Burn My Pain Away", but even though the album reaches its peak early the remaining album keeps the torch burning strong, showing that the band are both capable and willing to play in a variety of tempos.

And it is actually just that aspect that is the strength of each and every song on the album: No song seem to have a set tempo, but rather plays dynamically and almost progressively in varying tempos, while as mentioned never holding back on the Thrash assault, which makes every song and indeed the entire album feel and sound alive.
The main downside with the album isn't actually what is there, but rather what isn't: With only 7 songs, the lengthiest of which clocking in at 4:15, the album returns to its starting point just a little too fast. It's a little like listening to SLAYER's "Reign In Blood" but cutting the album short just before the second half of "Postmortem"; there's no clear sense of completion, and for such a short album that can be damaging on the album's longevity.

Then again, if the main downside with the album is that you want more of it, isn't that a good thing? In a way, it is - and perhaps especially when it's a debut album. And if there's one thing I can tell you, it's that I'll keep my eyes on S7N, because if "Fearless" was just a taste of things to come from the Mexican Thrashers, then the world of Metal is in for a feast!

8 / 10


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"Fearless" Track-listing:

1. Enemies
2. Burn My Pain Away
3. Blackout
4. Double Dealing
5. Fearless
6. Sins
7. The Gift Of The Strong

S7N Lineup:

Mao - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Memo - Lead Guitar
Israel - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fab - Drums
Lalo - Bass

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