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Before we start this review, a few explanations are needed. First: Where is Bahrain? For […]
January 22, 2023
Ryth - Deceptor Creator album cover

Before we start this review, a few explanations are needed. First: Where is Bahrain? For those who aren't familiar with the Gulf-and we're talking the Middle East, not Mexico-Bahrain is an island country just east of Saudi Arabia. Some describe it as little Dubai. For those in the region, it's truly a cultural oasis. There you can find a great restaurants, high-end hotels and resorts, and, for the more adventurous, a burgeoning Extreme Metal scene. Second, for those who are familiar with Metal bands from the Gulf region, the Death Metal foursome, RYTH, might seem like a new entry but they have actually been around since 2008. They were previously known as RAIN IN BLOOD. In 2021 the band started a new chapter and renamed themselves. Quick on the heels of their rebranding, they released their debut album, "Deceptor Creator," on December 1, 2022.

"Deceptor Creator" comprises nine tracks and has a runtime of 44 minutes. In the band's words, the album "tells a story of creation, sacrifice and overcoming self, becoming something higher by drive of love and hate, but everything created is fated for destruction... a greater darkness (or light) exists beyond us."

Musically, the band wades into battle in with a twin guitar assault and showcases some exquisite lead solos. While the album is mostly a brutal onslaught, there are two instrumental tracks and some acoustic intros that soften the beatdown. In fact, RYTH veers a bit to the Prog side of Death Metal, even featuring some clean vocals in juxtaposition to the guttural style which dominates the album. They also have a Blackened edge to them. I should point out here that "ryth" literally means a "ford." It's an old term, but it indicates a shallow spot in a stream that provides a solid area to cross. Good name for a band that crosses several subgenres.

Standout tracks are "Auto Autonomous" with its essentialist locomotive riff offset by some stellar lead work which mellows to a soul-wrenching outro and "Façade" for its wide range of styles from its snarling bass line to its oscillating vocal styles. It even has a tremolo solo. Clocking in at over eight minutes, the track affords plenty of landscape for the band to dig deep and explore. Also on my favorites list is "Self Destruct." This is a patient track that builds with a thoughtful, melodic intro and, true to its title, self-destructs at about the one-minute mark. "White Portrait" is another solid track and, surprisingly, is not about white privilege at all. A sigh of relief there. It's message, instead, "discusses diving into oneself and the complexities within. A moment of clarity after an act of self-destruction."

The album was mixed by Hani Taqi and recorded at Studio 77 Bahrain. These may not ring a bell to those outside of region, but they are local legends. The cover art, by Lucas Ruggieri, is highly symbolic to the album's theme and reflects the paradox of destruction and creation. Although this is technically RYTH's debut album, it can't be confused for a demo. This is a band with years under their belt and it shows. "Deceptor Creator" is an excellent introduction of RYTH to worldwide Metal scene.

7 / 10









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"Deceptor Creator" Track-listing:

1. Firmament
2. Auto-Autonomous
3. Self Destruct
4. White Portrait
5. Spiral Flood
6. Spectre
7. Facade
8. The Rise of Erebus
9. Explicit Name

Ryth Lineup:

Mahmood Al-Ansari - Drums
Abdulrahman Rashed - Guitars
Hisham Al-Ansari - Guitars
Mohammed Al-Meshkhas - Vocals, bass

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