The Fallen


I therefore have no choice but be RUTHLESS and rate RUTHLESS with a rather high score.
February 12, 2024

In 1982 a group of youths from Los Angeles took it upon themselves to form a Heavy Metal band. As they were going to try to play quite uncompromising music, they thought that a name like RUTHLESS would be quite fitting. In the first six years they were active they were able to produce an EP in 1985 (“Metal Without Mercy”) and a studio album in 1986 (“Discipline Of Steel”), before putting away their musical instruments in 1988. Then, after a hiatus of 20 years, RUTHLESS decides to return to the scene. Since then they have provided us with a studio album in 2015 (“The Rise”) and another one in 2019 (“Evil Within”). Now, another five years down the line, “The Fallen” has seen the light of day. The exact date that this happened is January 12th 2024, and I have the distinct pleasure to try and describe what I am listening to on this new album.

Let me start by saying that RUTHLESS plays a very energetic and powerful kind of Heavy Metal. Some Speed and even Thrash Metal influences are thrown in when the band plays at speed, like in “Betrayal”. You might even be reminded of SACRED REICH in this track, due to the interaction and use of vocals and riffs. This is not a regular occurrence, as RUTHLESS tend to be just that bit slower and a tad less intense on “The Fallen”. But then again, they never let the energy drop below a certain level, giving them a bit of a RAVEN vibe. Another band that has boundless levels of energy. RUTHLESS are like that, only quite Americanised in comparison to the Geordie lads.

On the other hand, a slower song like “No Mercy” will have you thinking of SAXON, just to demonstrate how varied the music on “The Fallen” is. The thing for me is, the more I listen, the more I like what I am hearing. The quality of the songs is all way above average and sometimes close to perfection. And never do I detect a loss of intensity or energy. You are always kept on your toes; your attention is constantly being requested. I therefore have no choice but be RUTHLESS and rate RUTHLESS with a rather high score. And I’m afraid that i am one of “The Fallen”, and if I keep listening, that score just might keep going up. That’s why I need to finish this listening session and the writing of my review now, and hope I’ve done enough to pique your interest in RUTHLESS and “The Fallen”.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Fallen" Track-listing:


1 The Fallen

2 Dark Passenger

3 Betrayal

4 No Mercy

5 Dead Fall

6 End Times

7 Soldiers Of Steel

8 Thulsa Doom

9 Order Of The Dragon

10 Live To Die


Ruthless Lineup:


Sammy DeJohn –vocals

Glen Paul – guitar

Sandy K. Vasquez – bass

Bob Guitrau – drums


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